Obama, Former liar and Chief, is out telling bold face lies again about US Gun Laws!

Obama was in Brazil giving a speech and is telling bold face lies about our gun laws. He gets blasted on twitter as a result! The best line of the night was him telling the crowd that machine guns can be purchased at the local gun store! What a d-bag! This is why any democratic in today’s climate is a downright dirty liar and therefore can never be trusted, Obama sets the bar!


Lying is in his DNA. He was born that way. So let’s celebrate our diversity.

Maybe that lying SOB should stay in Brazil…or seek a home in a country that has no extradition treaty with the US.

He was aware of (and likely orchestrated) the spying and corruption in the FBI and CIA…and could be subject to criminal prosecution before the final curtain.

Notice what AG Barr said today in an interview…the investigation into Hillary may come to “fruition”. He didn’t say “closure”. He said “fruition”…as in the realization of something desired…such as Hillary in prison.

Obama is not above the law either. At least that’s currently Jerrold Nadler’s claim…NOBODY is above the law…even the President.

Do you know what is interesting after reflecting later on this? Don’t you think its a strange coincidence that there was another mass shooting while almost at the same time he is giving a speech and telling such lies about guns? Things that make me go hmmm?