Obama executed at GITMO for treason?

Google search will show:

chiefpolice on Twitter: "PATRIOTS: BARACK OBAMA IS DEAD …


Oct 5, 2019 - PATRIOTS: BARACK OBAMA IS DEAD. He was executed at GITMO on Sept. 29th 2019 by firing squad. Most of you already knew about it.

But again, this page does not exist.
Interesting. As you say, there is no smoke without fire.
Obama’s actions were treasonous enough but execution is too severe, or is it?

Maybe you can start making less shitty OPs? Here is your damn source.



Someone forgot to take their meds or is staying up late on sauce! :rofl:

One woman commented:

Obama, Epstein, my husband, xxxx…all of these CHARACTERS are in one piece somewhere on a beach ‘SIPPIN’ TEA & celebrating their ‘PART’ in yet another 9/11 SKIT. Thousands of Americans are dead and these actors all just play their Hollywood roll out to deceive the public

Just face it! You created the title in your dumb OP as click bait!

There is no smoke without a fire.
There is something afoot where we can’t see.

Yeah we’ll keep it up with the click bait and misleading titles as I am sure you will attack the ire of the moderators here! At least be truthful in your taglines then having this incessant need to attract attention to your threads that no one cares about!

It’s not free speech when you intentionally try to mislead people with your incoherent babble here!

Who’s misleading whom?
I have no intention of setting up any click bait like some attention whores do.
I have no ax to grind here.

There’s a lot of weirdness going on in DC at this very moment. That’s all I’m saying.

Look at your title! Misleading is exactly what your doing!

Why are you making such a big deal out of it, like you’re not an attention whore.
Don’t expect other people are like you, just because you’re one.
All kinds of rumors are flying around the Trump administration in DC, because Dems are desperate to remove him from office.
Dems have been scheming to impeach him before he was even sworn in.
Stop and just think: Who will benefit from the rumor about Obama having been executed?

You are clearly are projecting by deflecting from your obvious intentions here! I create topics to discuss not like you who creates click bait because no one gives a shit about your threads! You are desperate for attention that much is obviously clear, getting defensive about that being a fact clearly indicates you admission! Try again!

Which has nothing to do with you own OP! Can you be any more dumber by trying to derail a misleading tagline?

BTW, you are not even American so why would I want discuss this issue with you? You are ignorant of the facts especially when there is already a thread to discuss this topic already! You are pathetically desperate for attention and that all this is about! At least be consistent in your post instead of trying to practice intellectual dishonesty!

As usual. Many empty words which have no essence.
Sure, you get enough attention.

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Let’s add obtuse to your list shall we? This has nothing to do with wanting more attention! Again you derailing your own thread by not even discussing your misleading headliner! I have seen your posts and I know at times you can string together intelligent thoughts, and other times you completely go off the rails with incoherent nonsense! I am beginning to think you suffer from some mental condition or you are a Dr Jeckle Mr Hyde persona who knows no better!

This is what Jim Stone has to say about the rumor.

“I seriously doubt this rumor, however, if America manages to recover from the assault it is under, then that would probably happen. I’ll say this, (with a bit of optimism)”

By the same token Bush 43 and other Zionist conspirators as well.

Ahh, here it is! Just a matter of time before the buzz words as predictable they are show up! Another ■■■■■■ conspiracy eh? Zionists, the jooooooos did it narrative huh? Great! At least you are consistent in your psycho babble!:rofl:

Just like another Shabbos goy, your posts are nothing but empty refrains.

As for Bush being a Zionist, here is more.

You pretend to be a patriot of sorts, but your identity is something different.

Yeah thanks for laughs! No wonder why most here think you are the village idiot, you simply can’t see yourself how others perceive you truthfully!

As for the Patriot, you know nothing about our politics so stop pretending that you do in order to gain attention, but assume all you want, as you are free to continue living in your non substantial realities that you created for your self!

What ever you say Maggie!

My assumptions in the realm of politics have proven right 99% of the time.

As for “Maggie,” I never corresponded with him, much less met him, but it’s a pleasure there’s someone thousands of miles away from a completely different background whose research and thinking have come very close to mine.