NYT: Black People Like Fried Chicken

This is what liberals consider “journalism” nowadays.

It would be absolutely wonderful if reading books, being good parents, and not breaking the law struck a chord with African Americans. Until that time, we will just have to wait while they kill one another over fried chicken sandwiches. So woke.


Damn…it’s like someone at the NYT just put the pieces together on this. The next headline is going to be:

“Watermelons and Kool-Aid Resonate With African-Americans Across the US as Symbols of Unity”

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Who doesn’t love fried chicken though?


The Chinese love KFC!:rofl:

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They are just trying to make excuses for blacks killing each other over a chicken sandwich. Thing is, it’s no different than them killing each other over a pair of sneakers or any of the other trivial things that send them into kill mode.

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Typical racial stereotyping by a LIBERAL RAG paper without public criticism.
The NY Post would have been burnt down if it printed this article and branded racist and sued.

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What is an “African American”?

Other than someone who legally immigrated to America from Africa?

Because those that don’t identify as African Americans are stellar examples?

I tried one of those yesterday…wasn’t really impressed. Chick-Fil-A is much better!


Any grape soda at Popeye’s???

All the news that’s fit to be shit on by pet parakeets.


“Stock plunges after company reports continued declines in advertising.”

Plays the world’s smallest violin. :rofl::violin:

Newsflash, blacks do tend to like fried chicken.

The only thing keeping their doors open is Trump. Anti Trump news sells big in NYC.

Everyone likes fried chicken; I mean everyone other than the chicken.

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I do know blacks do not like snakes. In Vietnam they’d run through a firefight to avoid a snake. I’m not a snake person either, but in the field, you could be trampled by a black guy running from a snake. No Purple Heart for a trampling.

For some strange reason, they also have a fear of scissors. I suppose they’re familiar with the gaping wound that a pair of scissors can inflict…with one snip. Even a small pair can make a large, heavy bleeding wound.



We rarely see what leads up to white people flipping out on black people in public places like this.

The blacks were probably behaving like they usually do when they have to wait for something or generally be around other people.