NYC prepares to hand out $53 million in taxpayer money to illegal aliens

NYC prepares to hand out $53 million in taxpayer money to illegal aliens

By Andrea Widburg

When people enter America illegally, they should promptly be removed. If they make asylum claims, they should be placed in minimalist but safely maintained refugee centers that are economically sustainable and keep the illegal aliens out of mischief. But that’s not how Democrats operate. If you want perpetual political power, you illegally ship into the country people who will vote for you and be your foot soldiers, and you treat them well. The latest example is New York City’s plan to give illegal aliens $53 million worth of debit cards for foods that will not only feed them but will also assuage their delicate cultural sensibilities.

Mayor Eric Adams’ administration will soon start handing out pre-paid credit cards to migrant families being put up in Big Apple hotels, The Post has learned.

The $53 million pilot program, run by the New Jersey company Mobility Capital Finance, will provide asylum seekers arriving at the Roosevelt Hotel with the city cash to help them buy food, according to city records.

It’ll start with a group of 500 migrant families in short-term hotel stays and will replace the current food service offered there, according to City Hall.

The cards can only be used at bodegas, grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores — and migrants must sign an affidavit swearing they will only spend the funds on food and baby supplies or they will be kicked out of the program.

This $53 million must come from somewhere, and that somewhere is almost certainly going to be other social programs…programs that used to serve the city’s native-born black residents. Blacks across urban America are becoming aware that they’re being displaced as the Democrat party’s preferred racial minority. Coming in at barely 12% of the American population (a continually declining number), they lack the demographic heft to matter anymore for a party that’s set a course for permanent power.

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Blacks will still vote dem nothing changes with them . They forgot which side fought to keep their slaves . They forgot which side invented the KKK .

I get where you are coming from but, lots of blacks are waking up for real. They are starting to see the truth… actually the lie, that is the Democrap party. We may not see a total turn around in 2024 but, it seems to a changing demographic in the black community. The future will be interesting. :wink:


In a potential 2024 rematch, only 75 percent of black voters support Biden (this should be at least ten points higher, while 16 percent support Trump. In 2020, Trump won eight percent of the black vote.

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Im sure what they buy with the cards will be used for their families and not sold to buy drugs or guns.

Throw a few more free bees their way and the dem votes come pouring in , you can’t change 100 years stupidity. .

Nope , they use the cards at the corner stores run by Arabs who charge them 50 cent on the dollar , they then go by booze and drugs .

Are there any pissed off NY taxpayers ???

0nly the ones that live outside of NYC. :joy:

75 percent? Even when many are leaving the party? That number doesn’t work mathematically

The numbers are reflected in the polls. Live with it.