NY Times fires anti-white racist Sarah Jeong

This is great news, however the New York Times didn’t fire Sarah Jeong because of her anti white racist views! Like all liberals they always find new ways to be stupid, such as in Jeong’s case where she was advocating for readers to cancel their subscriptions is akin to biting the hand that feeds you! Oh sometimes stupidity can’t be fixed and Ms. Racist asshat Jeong is now unemployed! I would imagine having reached such a high position what many in her profession considers working for the Times an opportunity of a life time is something she will never be able to recover from as no other media outlet will want to hire her after her betrayal! What a loser!



Came to this Country and was giving a Harvard education by all those whites she hates so bad . I’m sure she could have done better in South Korea . :roll_eyes: Journalist my azzzzz !!

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Good! Everyone is tired of all of this “woke” BS posing as journalism. It’s straight-up hateful and it uses powerful media companies to target powerless individual citizens over political views that these so-called “journalists” disagree with. Good luck finding a job you racist bitch!

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I believe it’s called UIS - Ungrateful Immigrant Syndrome. These people would be unhappy in heaven.


Sarah Jeong getting fired from the NYT editorial board just points to the fact she shouldn’t have been hired in the first place. Hell, long-time readers of the tech section (which used tobe excellent) pointed it out.

The NYT even debased themselves waving away her racist anti-white tweets and she still turned on them, publicly. Never bite the hand that feeds.

That’s the key here. She wasn’t fired for hating white people. The New York Times was fine with that. She was fired because she urged boycotting her own paper to force more “diversity”

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They won’t ever make it to heaven!:rofl:

I totally agree and this is rather embarrassing for them on so many levels that I am sure they will think twice about hiring a social justice activist.

Well, Doc, I’m not sure if I’ll make it to heaven but if I did, what a bummer it would be if the first person you met was Hillary Clinton!

Ha! No chance that Hillary will ever make it to heaven so the odds of you seeing her there are pretty low! Lol!