NY Democrats are Butthurt Over Simpson's Episode

You know when you hit a never when Democrats react to a cartoon’s depiction of Democrats failed policies! Cuomo the D-bag can’t handle the truth, but here it is!

Isn’t that an accurate depiction of NY State?

The media and entertainment businesses can take potshots at everything conservative, but let one aging cartoon take a swipe at NY and the libs lose control of their bowels.

They need to get back to telling us why the economy sucks, and cheering for infanticide abortion legislation.

I live in upstate NY. Tioga county, New York to be exact. Yep. New York City takes our money and gives it to NYC welfare queens. We have some welfare in upstate new york though too and the Democrats want their votes. So some money goes to those people. But I’ve had a good paying engineering job for 20 years here. I’ve lived in many other places and so recognize the pros and cons of this area.

I would personally prefer the never-been red necks of upstate New York over the great people of NYC.