Novichok is back in the fake news . .

to supplement all the coronavirus fake news. I fondly remember the days when news was real, backed up with evidence, and presented by journalists who weren’t afraid to report the truth.

“Novichok: family of Dawn Sturgess wins first stage of legal challenge. Relatives of woman who died of novichok poisoning challenging coroner’s decision to limit the scope of inquest”

“The Skripals were poisoned on 4 March 2018.”
But who done it? The former spy was basically useless for Russia, so why would Russia bother to kill him?

Earlier there was a similar case with radioactive material.

In both cases, “signature poisons” of Russia were used.
If Russia really wanted to get rid of them for whatever reason, would such “signature poisons” be used which point a finger directly at Russia?

Skripal had applied for repatriation and was awaiting approval from Putin, so if the Russians really wanted him dead, all they needed to do was find out which Aeroflot flight he’d be on, get the ETA, and do the deed there. The point is that Russia didn’t want him dead. Probably couldn’t even GAF about either of them.