Not as many people as before

I know the website has been shut down and come back up I believe three times now but why has it lost so much posters and what can we the remaining members do to increase this any suggestions would be welcome

Or are the majority of the posters here happy with how it is now?

A little brainstorm

There are times when a few of the old members will post. They seem to show the same day… 3 or more of them… troll a bit and then leave after one day… all at the same time. It’s not fishy or anything… :thinking:


Start advertising free speech on “X”

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Some of us have LIVES TO LIVE and cant slways be here.

Right, but you obviously aren’t comprehending what I said.

They all show up at the same time… on the same day. They all disappear for months… on the same day at the same time. Rinse/repeat. Something in the milk aint white. :wink: