Norwegian Justice Minister Says Quran Burning Part of Freedom of Speech

Norway’s Justice Minister Jøran Kallmyr has said that the recent controversial Quran-burning by an anti-Islamisation group should be covered under the nation’s commitment to free speech.

The Stop Islamisation of Norway (SIAN) group attempted to burn a copy of the Islamic holy book this month at a protest in Kristiansand, leading to controversy over whether or not the act was covered under freedom of speech or was illegal, Verdens Gang reports.

“Even if we refrain from burning the Quran, we have to endure it in our society because we have freedom of speech, and burning the Quran is part of that freedom of speech,” Justice Minister Kallmyr said.


If the invading hordes don’t like it then they can fuck right back off to the Islamist shitholes they abandoned their women and children in.


Muslim parasites never seem to have a problem with burning the flags of their host countries. Now someone go stack some Qurans and bring a match.


I saw the video of the protest that started all this. It’s amazing how triggered liberals and muslims can get over one middle aged Norwegian man trying to burn a quran. They seem to be pretty happy to burn other books… What’s wrong with burning this one?


Burning a Quran, assuming that it’s your own, is freedom of speech much like burning a Bible or a flag might be. I think it was the apostle Paul that once mused that all things are legal (and I paraphrase of course) but not all things are expedient or prudent.

Doing any of the three mentioned above are so provocative, even inflammatory, that I see no good principle to it.

They should burn them in front of the biggest Mosque in Norway while doing a pig roast.

The only problem I’ve with that is if people are buying them to burn them. Not because of the burning but because of the buying. Buy a Koran and you’re paying someone to print it.

Of course if Korans are given to you (for reasons other than burning) then you can say you didn’t personally fund its printing … so that issue doesn’t apply.