North Korea Kim executes Kim Hyok Chol

This caught me by surprise today as being a little bit from left field. Lets see how this administration is going to react after this bit of news is just coming out and how the news will spin it as well. The reason why its important, is because in the coming days it should tell us a lot on where we are going with China because lets face it North Korea is China’s proxy, not only that but should also tell us what Trump’s next move is and what his motives are going to be as this story develops.

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China and North Korea are testing grounds for the New World Order.
Although Putin appears to be allied with China, he is actually allied with Trump working against the NWO, a.k.a. Deep State in America.

Don’t be fooled by the media frenzy against Putin and Trump, because mass media is a monopoly of the forces FOR the NWO.

More fact free conspiracy nut BS. Get some new material.

From what I gathered from the news over the last 48hrs or so four of his negotiators were shot for treason or some other trumped up charge.

Nice of Kim to remind the world occasionally why that entire regime and family need to become parking lots and fertilizer.

But Trump’s an anomaly, and not part of any NWO conspiracy.

Actually, both Trump and Putin are anomalies.

They are working against the New World Order — the world of “1984,” banksters occult rule

The NWO wanted three witches on top of three leading countries
Two down. One more to go. We the peasants are winning.

Putin an “anomaly”? Seriously? He’s a return to the norms of last century Russian Leaders.

What utter cluelessness.

Get offline and get an education somewhere beside Nazi and Terrorist sites.

I think that North Korea is only a testing ground for ICBM’s…:wink:

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