None Dare Call It Treason

In my lifetime – I’ve seen THREE republican Administrations installed by colluding with foreign – ‘enemy’- governments.

Nixon’s campaign colluded with the North Vietnamese to stall the peace talks in order to boost his numbers prior to the election. When LBJ found out about it, he called it treason – and famously did NOT call out Nixon because he didn’t want to disrupt the civil transfer of power. He was also concerned that the METHOD they used to discover the treasonous talks (FBI wiretaps) would damage the Dems. Talk of treason was kept quiet.

Reagan’s campaign colluded with Iran to hold on to American hostages until after the election. This stopped any chance of what Reagan’s campaign called ‘an October surprise’ of a successful hostage release that would boost Carter’s re-election chances. It was only occasionally called treason by those who care enough to know.

Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to coordinate the release of stolen emails to stall any momentum that H. Clinton’s campaign had going into the final stretch. They also colluded with Wikileaks to aid the Russian propaganda campaign against her. Obama backed off proclaiming these acts as collusion – for fear of ‘disrupting the election’ – He was basically strong-armed by McConnell.

The fact that it amounts to treason is currently being covered up by Trump’s hand-picked AG.

Three Republican presidencies. – In my lifetime. – Installed by treason.

North Vietnam, Iran and Russia. What do these three countries have in common? The Republican Party. They coordinated against our nation’s interests with the governments of North Vietnam, Iran, and Russia.

That specific track record should be enough to doom the Republican party forever. They should NEVER be allowed to cloak themselves in the flag and call themselves ‘Patriots’. But they do.


None dare call it treason.

But by God they should.

I will.

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Don’t let the fact that none of that is actually true deter you.


To be clear, Nixon colluded with the South Vietnamese government. LBJ still considered it treason, but Nixon had a pipeline to South Vietnamese President Thieu through Anna Chennault, a Chinese American who was a big player in Washington GOP circles. He had her pressure Thieu to boycott the Paris Peace talks with the promise that he would get them a better deal. It was a Trump-style bargain, in that he had no real plan and never got a plan. Collaborating with the North Vietnamese government would have clearly been treason.

I would say your overall point is correct, the GOP is not patriotic in any real sense, they are the scoundrels in the phrase: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

Unmm… libs would call a ham sandwich Republican treason if there was a smidgen of evidence.

I’m interested if Drama Queen for the Day comes with any perks. You do know that seat in your bathroom is not actually a throne, don’t you?


You don’t even know history. You are trying to make the connection to the South Vietnamese. The North Vietnamese were your fellow communists.

Anyway - wouldn’t it have been LBJ’s side who were guilty of “collusion” since the sitting CIA Director wanted to keep his job in the Nixon Administration and greased the skids for all this to happen anyway?

LBJ complaining or accusing anyone else of stealing an election is just, freaking hilarious.


Take another hit bro!



A study of Lyndon B. Johnson provides new evidence that the 36th President stole his first election to the United States Senate, in 1948.

Ahem, nothing to see here.

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Yup. My mistake. The collusion of Nixon’s campaign was via the S. Vietnamese government… which wound up benefiting the North. ( Though bizarrely the Russians WERE pushing the North to settle at that point)

Logan Act violations CAN be treasonous. Just as acts of espionage can be. Whether or not the charge is leveled.

Don’t mind if I do, this thread is great! lol

Where do these people come from???

Where do they receive their indoctrination???

The bear has the only solution when faced with the lack of evidence provided by knighty night.

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John Brennan had his allies in Europe try to entrap Trump campaign flunkies into appearing to be involved in stealing/releasing Hillary’s emails. They then launched a totally bogus investigation that was truly “spying” on the Trump poltical campaign. A Democrat government spying on their GOP political opponents during a heated presidential election.

Yet none of the liberals in government or the media dare to call it treason. I wonder why?

In the words of Rodney Carrington, "What’s it feel like to be a fucking idiot? "

People actually believe this shit. That’s the scary part.

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To be clear - I understand there IS a reluctance to lay a charge of treason against what are treacherous - traitorous acts. (Whether violations of the Logan Act or Espionage). I get that.

It’s like elevating a crime to the level of ‘hate crime’. If we’ve got them dead to rights with the crime - is it worth elevating/adding/ the additional layer?

A lot of people will shrug and say… “It’s not worth it.”

My point of the post was to illustrate how the Republican party - feels that it IS worth it in the long game - to commit these ‘traitorous’ acts. It works. Often the truth comes out after principal players are long dead.

Does the democrat party also feel it’s worth it in the long run to produce a dossier which was clearly false and portray it as fact to ensure a special prosecutor?

Does the democrat party feel it’s worth it in the long run to unmask information gathered by the intelligence agency, a criminal act?

Does the democrat party also sanction the subverting the investigation and then giving a free pass to a democrat candidate when they clearly lied and erased information obstructing the investigation into a server?

It work both ways doesn’t;t it, the left isn’t innocent by no means and equally as corrupt as the right.

A shame we don’t waste 25 million investigating Hillary and Baracks sedition in the last election.

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Yes - both sides have had their fishing expeditions. I seem to recall a very expensive investigation into Benghazi that resulted in absolutely nothing. It was a waste of time and money. At the end of the day it was designed to give as much air time as possible to guys like Gowdy and Chaffetz - both of whom have done quite well as a result of their fishing expedition.

Only one side is so treasonous that they routinely collude with foreign governments to influence our elections.

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It must suck knowing someone is going to have boot on your neck soon! Communists are so deserving of the backlash about to come! Putting forth such revisionist fantasies without an ounce of factual evidence doesn’t convince people who you disagree with to come and join your side by accepting your opinions as facts.

That is incredibly a dishonest statement! There is plenty of collusion on the democratic side and the facts bare that out throughout history, but how so nice of you to omit that in your bullshit diatribe here!

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I see you have met the extreme right wing welcoming committee that inhabitants these parts of the internet.

Yet somehow you couldn’t even cite one example despite claiming that there has been plenty of collusion on the Democratic side throughout history :rofl:

I don’t need to! Asking others to do what you are too lazy to do, is a intellectually dishonest argument. You know that to be true yet here you are trying to drum up false narratives. Got anymore brilliant comebacks?