NO WEAPONS POLICY! Thief pulls hatchet, clerk pulls gun, clerk fired

The clerk should have been commended, not fired. The store owner should have his head examined.

Except for government properties, whenever I see a NO WEAPONS ALLOWED sign…I ignore it.


Sadly, those policies are getting more and more common. The stores are more worried about liability for their employees shooting someone than they are about their well being.

Insurance companies play a big part in this, many policies have exclusions if an employee uses a firearm on duty even if it’s perfectly lawful.

The clerk need to find a different line of work . Why put your life on the line for some dipshit’s property ?
Today scumbag thief’s suit the owner and liberal judges award big bucks to families of “wrongful death” suits , so the owner feel the clerk should stand there and be killed he will simply hire another FOOL . :roll_eyes:

Maybe the owner of the convenience store should spend some time behind the register running his business and risking his own safety.


Yep! Make him do the night shift for a weekend or two.

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Diane Feinstein wants your guns. Why?
She wants to make America a commie country where decent citizens cannot protect themselves against criminals.

When someone is willing to use the threat of deadly force against you in an armed robbery, it’s not the property you are defending, it’s your own life.

Even if you submit and comply fully there’s no reason to believe you’re going to walk away unharmed.

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This behavior on part of the owner would make anyone think twice of stopping the bad guys trying to rob the place.

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It isn’t about defending the business, it’s about defending your own life.

Everything you say is true . What i’m saying is as long as the thief is NOT coming after YOU let him empty the entire store . Most moron robbers just want the money and an easy way out of the store .

The second he produces a weapon he is presenting a deadly threat.

Even if you submit there’s a good chance you’ll be killed so it’s not about protecting property or money, it’s all about defending your life.

I TOTALLY AGREE . Just saying avoid as best as possible even a dumbass doesn’t want to spend life in prison for a few hundred bucks . And an owner that fails to back up his employee deserves to be robbed on a daily basis !!!

To the first, you’re assuming rational actors. The vast majority of guys and gals pulling off such robberies are going to be on a mix of mind altering substances so you can’t assume that common sense applies. Worse, they tend to be stupid and the kind of people who have a problem even seriously considering the possible consequences of their actions or we’d have a whole lot fewer.

To the second I totally agree. I do however understand the employer’s position.

If an employee is involved in a shooting the business/owner bears civil liability and many liability policies have caveats that don’t allow for employees to do anything other than surrender comply. You can lose your coverage even if they don’t use deadly force and the insurance company with just some very simple language in your contract can refuse to cover your losses in such a case.

A whole lot of this crap originates with the insurance companies, rather than company management and risk managers.

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To me , all moot. I’m never unarmed. My entire neighborhood is armed. Pa Coal Regions; the only Western towns, East of the Mississippi.


“Be Polite, Professional, and have a plan to Kill everyone you meet”.

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America is too lenient to violent criminals.
Perverted minds always defend the criminals, while accusing citizens who defend themselves.

Try reading. Nobody is defending the criminal.

What do you mean? Show me one other country that gives you the right to keep and bear arms to defend yourself, your family, and the homeland.

Just spewing his usual bile of hate and lies. Nothing new.