No Such Thing As A Native American

Again deposits over certain time are assumed and do not fit what we know about deposits today, i.e. polystata fossils, lack of erosion between layers.
It is not possible to know what the ratio of C14 to N14 was at it’s creation. And, over approx. 50k years C14 is undetectable so how can long ages be determined using this method?

Do an experiment, take a Mason jar, fill 3/4 with water, add a handful of soil, shake and let settle. Sediment layers will form.

No kidding, and seasonal flows create seasonal layers that can be dated layer after layer.

Polystrate fossils are not that complicated and pose no problem with traditional geologic dating.

At streams and rivers. What about the sediments on top of Mount Everest for example? What about the inverted layering where what should be a 100 MYA layer is beneath a 10 MYA layer? Polystrata fossils? Did the tree not rot for 5 million years while the sediment built up?

What about them? Mountains are pushed up by massive geological upwellings.

Trees don’t rot when they are fossilized, the cells are replaced by silica and minerals.

Blood cells and tissue and C14 in dinosaur fossils?
Trees standing inverted with “millions of years of sediment” surrounding them? Sediment layers bend and curved but not broken?
Clam fossils on mountain tops. in the closed position?
Lack of the trillions of human fossils if Man is 50,000 y.o.?
Scientific evidence negates almost all of evolution hypotenuses?

How long does it take to replace live tree cells with silica?

Completely false.

How long fossilization takes depends on many conditions, it’s now believed it can take less than 10,000 years to over a million years again depending on the conditions.

Clams sometimes die with their shells in the closed position.

Trees can be submerged in floods due to landslides creating lakes and if the water and temp conditions are right won’t rot for centuries. If they are buried in sediments due to continued flows they fossilize in the standing position without breakage.

Visit southern NM sometime if you’d like to see direct evidence of dramatic upwellings that pushed up mountains and ridges overnight, some hundreds or thousands of feet of rise in a single event.

Plate tectonics show us that plates both rise and fall and one may be forced up constantly or dramatically as anther plate is forced under it.

No mystery, no magic, no problem or conflict with what we know from all the various disciplines.

As for human fossils, they’ve certainly been found all over the world. Only a very small portion of any species present at any time on earth though will become fossilized because it takes very specific conditions to create a fossil.

Depends on the conditions. It can vary dramatically.

Fossils of sea animals have been found everywhere on earth from very low to extremely high elevations again for the reason I said, upwelling due to plate tectonics.

Even if you believe it takes 10,000 years for a tree to fossilize, wouldn’t it rot in less time than that?
Of course the mountains rose and the sea floors receded. It is still occurring.
For fossils to form, they must have been buried rapidly evidenced by fish fossils frozen while eating another fish, mammoths buried in the standing position. Then there are the elastic tissue from dinosaur fossils. All explained by the Noahic Flood.

No, all of that predates the biblical flood considerably if you buy into the 5,000 year old creationist model.

No, they don’t have to be buried quickly, submerged animals and plants particularly in cold water won’t rot for a very long time and can be slowly buried in sediments and then fossilized.

Rapid melt off of glaciers at the end of the last few ice ages more than explains most fossilization as it creates tremendous flooding and erosion and so do things like asteroids, and massive quakes creating huge tsunamis.

The highest tsunami wave ever recorded was 1700’ high and was created by a landslide in Alaska due to a fault shift forcing a huge amount of water rushing u p into a narrow valley.

An event like that moves millions of tons of debris in a flash and buries it at the bottom of the flow, in this case in deep, cold water.

The upright mammoths were apparently flash frozen due to rapid cooling and buried in glaciers and huge snowpacks which is why they still have soft tissue and were not fossilized.

“It seemed these fish actually had turned to stone in the blink of an eye.”

I can’t find the right youtube.
Fossilization can occur very fast.
Geological dating is unreliable. Even the Grand Canyon could have formed in a matter of a few years, not millions of years.

Petrified Forest in Arizona is probably the result of a flash flood. It didn’t take millions of years either.

ha , I was just thinking that

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It sure as hell isn’t “history”.

Nothing in that article actually suggests that actual “flash fossilization” occurs in nature.

They couldn’t even demonstrate that under incredibly well controlled conditions in the lab that they could 'flash fossilize" a whole fish in anything less than centuries or millennia.

There’s zero evidence to support the contention that the petrified forest was “petrified” in anything less than thousands of years.

That it was likely buried in a massive flood under mountains of sediment has long been accepted.

Back on topic. There has been discovered artifacts similar to ancient Hebrew relics in N. America, pyramids in S. America, Nordic artifacts from early visitors to N. America and Asian relics on the Left Coast.
DNA mapping shows the spread of human habitat NE Africa region, Turkey or Iran. I watched an interesting lecture on The Table of Nations by Paul Griffiths. He talked about the migration of people from that region, and how the names of the tribes are still evident in the regions of the world where they settled. It is worth watching if you have an interest in the subject.

I’m sure Vikings settled in North America (who also settled in Greenland which was green then, and lived there for a few centuries).
Prior to these Scandinavians, the Celts, and most likely the Phoenicians as well.