No proof for Darwinian evolution

There’s no proof that African apes gave rise to Homo sapiens sapiens.

There is no proof that such anatomically modern humans “evolved” in African and entered Eurasia, Australian and the Americas (around the time of the Clovis points).

Australian aborigines inhabited that continent tens of thousands of years, while human remains older than Clovis have been reported in North and South America.

If humans from Africa are such smart beings, why isn’t Africa today the center of culture and civilization?


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I’ve said that before; if Africa is the Cradle of Life; then why haven’t the descendants of native Africans hit the big time, long before the descendants of those who left the continent to evolve in much harsher climates. Those who left the continent 100s & 100s of thousands of years ago, & roamed the planet, ended up making remarkable discoveries & contributions to humanity. When their descendants came back to Africa, it was still as primitive as when their ancestors left. The Chinese discovered how to make gunpowder, the compass, earthquake detectors and much more. Steel making was developed in India. Vikings knew how to sail into the wind; and Central & South American natives built incredible cities. During all that time, Africa floundered. Africa had the time, the resources, the manpower, & the climate; but nothing happened.

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These groups of humans have had nothing to do with Africa.
Australian aborigines, whose traces go back tens of thousands of years in the Australian continent, refused even the basics of basics, such as bows and arrows, kept simple life styles and yet (or should I say because of it) achieved the highest levels of spirituality.

I do believe we probably have a common ancestor. Just seems logical. I cannot see several different common ancestors that popped up around the planet. I guess it’s possible; but to me it just doesn’t seem to hold water.

The black peppered moth is proof that animals can adapts to their environment however that does not mean that modern-day humans all come from Africa

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The moths in England changed their colors during the Industrial Revolution and then afterwards.
Human skin colors seem to change relatively fast, meaning thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of years.

But the skeletal (especially teeth) features change over a very long time. No way Asians are related to black Africans.

Asians and Native Americans show unique dental characteristics which go back millions of years.

If our common ancestor was from Africa, it seems logical that the people who left evolved according to the environment they lived in. Those who stayed ( serious heat ), so more melanin to protect their skin. Cooler or cold climate, less melanin. It’s not that humanity evolved from blacks, just a common ancestor that different races evolved from. Anyway, Africa remains a shithole. The Shining Star, South Africa is now being pulled back into the Stone Age, thanks to black rule.

Paleolithic and neolithic folks who were hunters and gatherers had moral codes of behavior, just like the Australian aborigines whom I admire very much.

There is no such thing as codes of behavior in South Africa. It is an insult to our ancestors of the Stone age to call South Africa “Stone Age.”

There is an anthropological view that origin of races (Asian, African, Caucasian, etc) go way back into the past.

The popular view that humans evolved in Africa and left the continent to become Europeans, Asians, etc., only 15,000 years ago is laughable.

Did you know that aborigines have the highest per capital photographic memory but they have a average IQ of 65

If their kids don’t do well in modern school system, it’s not surprising because what’s being taught in Australia today (or any country) is whitewash.

The Australian government in the last two hundred years or so is hell bent on destroying the paranormal abilities of the aborigines.

Such abilities are something beyond our logic and IQ test are based on such logic.

Why do East Asian students outperform European students in predominantly European countries???

Now that you mention it.
There is a difference in the (neurological) wiring between Caucasians and East Asians (Mongoloid race).

Some things that bug Caucasians (noise, overcrowding, etc) like hell don’t seem to bother East Asians as much.
(There was a study done in Canada with babies of different races, which naturally goes against the grain of modern day liberal anthropology.)

There are other things that go the other way around.

The is one race, human race all descendants of Eve proven through mitochondrial DNA scientific research. Just as any species will exhibit dominant traits when segregated, so too have human beings developed common facial features (heavier fat layer above the eyes), skin tones (greater melanin levels in high solar radiation areas), etc. We are 99.9% alike.
Empirical scientific evidence shows that all mutations are either benign or detrimental to the organism and that these mutations exhibit a LOSS of information in the DNA never new information added. Living organisms devolve, not evolve.

Why would aborigines do bad in western societies education systems when East Asians outperform Europeans in the same systems?? Noticed both groups have different IQs and the groups with higher IQs always outperform groups with a lower IQ this is not a general trend this is a universal facts

Do you think different ethnic groups brains are working differently??? Because literally all of the evidence points to this

I think so.
I myself find it hard to accept the modern world of “equality.”
We may be politically equal but we are biologically different.
Aboriginal cultures — so far as I have studied them — do not place emphasis on 2+2=4
Their answer is more like 2+2=5

Different ethnic groups have different bone densities also bone structures are made up differently like different leg height ratios and different thicknesses of torso and different arm height averages and different hip ratios and different shaped skulls and brain sizes and our organs work differently (that’s why we are susceptible to different diseases) and our brains work differently that’s why we have different strengths like how some groups are better at learning new languages other groups at maths other have better visual memories there are groups from the American continents that their lungs collect oxygen slightly differently which allows them to be good endurance athletes and we have different natural fats storages inuits have something called black fat that works differently to an Africans white fat also we have different hormone levels

Humans are most likely a collection of subspecies

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Believing 2±2=5 makes them retarded some things are universal facts and different groups are more likely to understand some universal facts

We think time flies from
the past to present to future.

No so in the traditional aboriginal thinking.

Time remains the same, meaning time is not linear and the past is the present and also the future.

(The aboriginal concept of Dream Time)

I found not long ago that (some) physicists think so.

How are Western IQ levels calculated?

Secular scientists even agree that dogs are descendants of a wolf creature. A Poodle has different bone density than a Pit Bull. So also Andean tribes with larger lung capacity living at over 13,000 FASL have adapted to the lesser O2 levels. Simple genetics.