No one is above the law...No one is above the law...No one is above the law

Remember, not too long ago the Democrat Party TALKING POINT OF THE WEEK was “No one is above the law” and it was meant to be aimed at President Trump as a denigrating remark.

Now that John Durham’s probe into the origin of the Russia collusion hoax has been expanded into a criminal investigation, the Obama era operatives are pushing back on Durham and Barr and claiming that it is vengeance on the part of the Trump administration to further pursue the matter. They are realizing that “no one” (not one of them) is above the law.

The long arm of the law is about to tap some of them on the shoulder and recommend that they LAWYER UP!


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While I totally agree with your OP we have been covering this very same topic in another thread! Lawyering Up which is exactly what Brennan and Clapper are doing!

While I realize that you would like for every reply made on this site to be in a thread that you started, I also realize that discussing a topic from a different angle might occasionally deserve a separate thread.

Just because this thread mentions “lawyering up” does not mean it shouldn’t be allowed to stand on its own. It is basically about Democrat TALKING POINTS and the fact that some of them are coming back to bite the Dimwits in the ass.

Recent examples that parallel “no one is above the law” in being applicable to both sides include:

  • The criticism of Trump for describing the current impeachment circus as a “lynching” when in fact, Biden and others did the same concerning Slick Willy when he was being impeached.

  • Another is that the Democrats at that time claimed it was an attempt to disenfranchise all the voters that put Clinton in office, yet their current effort to unseat Trump is an attempt to save our democracy.

  • Another is the refusal to accept the results of the 2016 election.

The double standard is alive and well within the Democrat Party. Just listen to their talking points. Hypocrisy will surface.

No one is above the law except the Clintons, Eric Holder, Chris Steele and James Comey to mention a few.

No that is not what this is about just trying to advocate about avoiding redundancy on topics. This is covered already! Apologies if I give you that appearance or have offended you!

No offense taken. We just have differing opinions. I get reminders from the site robot nearly every time I start a thread title. If it contains a word that is within any other thread title, or if it starts with :red_circle: it warns me. I’m reminded of the robot every time I see you mention to any poster that something is “covered” in another thread.