No evidence for anthropogenic climate change

Nope and this is just a cohencidence?

Major sectors of the ■■■■■■ Community are taking strong positions on combating climate change. But philosophies and approaches differ somewhat from one branch of Judaism to another.

Yet there’s a much more immediate and dire threat to our future against which ■■■■■■ federations and advocacy organizations have not devoted nearly enough resources. By “our” future I mean not only ■■■■■ but every human being on the planet. And if we don’t heed the warning signs soon, the consequences will be catastrophic.

I’m talking about climate change caused by human-produced, heat-trapping carbon emissions. Despite the Earth’s temperature becoming hotter

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More ■■■■■■ conspiracy derailing @Patriot @Tyfoon

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It’s a fact that “global warming” is a hoax, perpetrated by certain groups. George Soros rings a bell?

Around the time of the Romans, Britain was so warm Romans cultivated grapes and produced wine. Celts settled in Iceland and Phoenicians sailed up and down the coast of Africa for trade. They probably circumnavigated the tip of south Africa long before Portuguese Vasco da Gama.

One thousand years later, the planet warmed up again and the Vikings settle in Greenland and lived there for generations, until the Mini Ice Age forced them back to Norway.

Every time Earth cools, there is a tumult because people start migrating looking for livelihood.

It was the Aryans who migrated south into India from central Asia which suddenly became cool.
Later, the Germanic tribes migrated and invaded the Roman Empire as a result of cooling.
And we know what happened in Ireland when the potato crop failed.

It is if you’re a Marxist. Prosperity means enough wealth that there’s a middle class and they’re prone to execute dictators. :wink:

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All three of my posts were on topic - you need to read the title of the thread.
And I don’t think patriot or tyfoon appreciate your childish behaviour.
Calling everyone you disagree with, a liar, does nothing to enhance the debates on this forum.
In fact I think this place would be greatly improved if you refrained from posting in future

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It’s the middle class that dictators always go after.
Mao, one of the greatest mass murderers in human history, destroyed China’s middle class.
Same for Stalin.
The Great Depression, so called although it was totally artificial, gutted America’s middle class. Sure enough the 1929 crash was engineered by the banksters of Wall Street.

Now the tactics have slightly changed. The ruling banksters pamper the social dredge while busy dumbing down the middle class through moronic TV and Marxist education.

And these dumbed down morons that buy the hoax of global warming.

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I thought this paper by Huang and Pollock was interesting.

Using several thousand borehole measurements, they found that worldwide temperatures averaged 0.2 ° C to 0.6°C warmer than the present during the “Climate Optimum” of 8000 to 4000 years ago. They cooled to a minimum around 500 AD, then warmed again to 0.1 ° to 0.5° C above current temperatures 1000 years ago, during the Medieval Warm Period. Temperatures cooled again during the Little Ice Age, about 200 years ago, and are now warming again. They have not reached “Medieval Warm Period” or “Climate Optimum” temperatures yet.

It looks like the REAL deniers are those who deny HISTORICAL temperature fluctuations, and think current increases in temperature are caused solely by mankind, and have nothing to do with a recovery from Little Ice Age lows.


I agree, which is why I stated they’re terrified of the middle class. They’re always the target because they’re the ones that hold the power in a free society.

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Stop derailing the thread.

My post addresses the topic of climate change and if there is no evidence that it is caused by human activity then who is pushing the narrative and why.
It would appear that ■■■■■■ interests have been involved in promoting the hoax and it is entirely relevent to explore that hypothesis under the title of this thread.
Bc you don’t agree or dislike it does not mean it is derailment or off topic - unlike most all of your posts btw which are both off topic and childish…
@Patriot @Tyfoon

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If you wish to commit suicide by Moderator I’m not going to stop you, but quit derailing the thread.

Debate is an exchange of ideas.

■■■■■■ conspiracy isn’t an idea just derailing every thread with the same trash.

And exploring the facts and ideas abt who is behind the narrative is also debate whether you like it or not. Calling it a conspiracy is the classic defence of ppl who lack the intelligence to debate…

George Soros is a ■■■■■■ billionaire funding all liberal movements related to the global warming hoax along with open borders for Europe and the US.

This thinking process is called putting two and two together or connecting the dots.

Soros is no more ■■■■■■ than the pope. He is a JINO

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He was a Nazi collaborator and is an atheist, he believes in nothing but growing his own money and power.

Enough derailing the thread though.

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Soros is a piece of garbage but he was born in 1930. That would mean he was 15 when Hitler died. I don’t think it’s fair to call a ■■■■■■ kid a Nazi collaborator. . . that said, the SOB is pure trash and has a life long history of supporting world socialist government and I have zero respect or tolerance for him. I just don’t like the Nazi word thrown around because it harms the overall point in my opinion. Of course, just my opinion so that and $7 will buy you a Starbucks. :wink:

He was by definition a collaborator, he helped the Nazis identify, arrest, and deport his fellow ■■■■■

That’s like saying a 14yo drug dealer isn’t really a drug dealer.

If the 14 year old drug dealer has a choice between death camp and compliance, I’m not willing to throw him under the bus for that act. While it’s an act of cowardice to save your own skin while you watch others attacked, a 14 year old kid just isn’t one we can expect a lot out of. We even take the stance that we prosecute and jail kids differently than adults because there’s just a difference.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Soros, I think he’s a coward and a piece of crap but I choose to focus on what he’s done as an adult. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to be a ■■■ in 1945 in Europe.