Nigel Farage LOSES his LBC radio show after comparing BLM to Taliban

I am telling you, there seems to be no limit upon Leftist and their communist agenda. Mr. Farage simply compared the present defacing of monuments to that of the Taliban destroying ancient monuments (remember the giant Buddhas). He was sacked!


He will re-emerge stronger. Shows how the Brexit supporters are still being smeared by crazy deepstate


That’s because his comparison is wrong. The Taliban is a terrorist organization. BLM is an organization that exists because black lives DO matter, and the statues that are being toppled exist to honor people who CLEARLY did not believe that black lives matter…

This is not left or right, has nothing to do with communism or any other political ideology. It’s a matter of the value of lives of people of color.

Too bad that the need to fight for it even exists…

May be I am under some misunderstanding. I thought the USA was a Democratic country not a country ruled by a mob. Who are these people defacing monuments? Why cannot they petition their local government to have these statues and memorials removed? Why are leftist anarchist allowed to reign terror with impunity? Is it just a coincidence that members of the BLM are also the same people looting our streets? Yes protest and petition your government with your grievances, but without violence or mob rule.

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There are extremists left and right looting and rioting…

Why do you lie? it’s really the lowest form of human beings, to lie like this.


It’s not a lie, both DHS and FBI have reported that their are/were white supremacists infiltrating the protests as there were myriad opportunists taking advantage of the chaos…

A white supremacist channel on Telegram encouraged followers to incite violence during police brutality protests by ‘shooting in a crowd,’ according to internal DHS memo

I’m afraid he won’t because he’s always been ‘a voice in the wilderness’ and he always will be.

5 more boats full of migrants were seen, and presumably picked up in the English Channel in the last 2 days, and there will be plenty more when a long period of calm weather starts from tomorrow.

Here in the madhouse known as the UK, the latest big idea is that all statues are to be scaffolded and enclosed - but don’t ask me for how long - probably for ever? The lunacy continues.

That has been debunked.

@LouMan posted this in the Antifa thread.

DHS Report: No Evidence of White Supremacist Violence at Riots

The Western Journal – 3 Jun 20

DHS Report: Antifa, Opportunists Causing Violence at Riots - No Evidence of…

The Department of Homeland Security has found no evidence that white supremacists are behind violence, as has been asserted by some.

In an assessment of the protests, which have at times turned into all-out riots, the Department of Homeland Securitydumped cold water on a narrative that groups of white supremacists have been engaging in widespread disturbances, Reuters reported.

U.S. – 3 Jun 20

U.S. assessment finds opportunists drive protest violence, not extremists

President Donald Trump has blamed leftwing extremist groups for instigating nights of looting and violence in cities across the United States, but an intelligence assessment offers limited evidence that organized extremists are behind the turmoil.


I quoted you a report from both DHS and FBI. Including arrests that have been made of white supremacists that were plotting major attacks and were thwarted…

The UK was once a proud country which was the Hallmark of freedom and due process of law. Now it is nothing more than a Germany and French vassal state.

The UK was once a colonizing nation, antithetical to freedom, which spread around the world exploiting the resources of so many nations and occupying at one point 3/4ths of the world. I suppose it depends on ones perspective as to whether that’s achievement or aggrievment…

The msm always claims ppl are white sup. so their sheep parrot bs information.


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You are correct. It was the first country to capitalise on the globalisation theory of economic growth. But any country which would allow Karl Marx unlimited freedom of speech must be admired, while the rest of Europe wanted Dr. Marx´s hide!

Well it was only history…:man_shrugging: