Nigel Farage and the milkshake

In the UK their is a trend of throwing milkshakes on people you don’t like politically of the top of my head Tommy Robinson has been done twice Sargon of Akkad 3 times and now Nigel Farage you may have notice a pattern all 3 of them are to the right politically

What happens when it’s not a milkshake? You Brits also have a problem with people throwing acid. Any one of these milkshakes could have been acid.


Curious. In the US, these RoboClowns would likely be arrested and charged with a form of assault OR their face kicked in.

Why is it across the pond… Tweets and FB posts get you ticketed/arrested. Milkshake tossing is ignored? Faces still intact.


We are watching the left become terrorists because they cant argue their points anymore. They’ve been so brainwashed the cognitive dissonance just leads to violent outbursts.


As the OP said, milkshakes started a few weeks ago, and bricks against Tommy’s crowds this weekend. The right is holding back, as escalation to violence isn’t the right way to resolve differences, but the left keeps pushing. The waifs that support the left aren’t going to like when a bunch of real men start giving them a bit of their own medicine.

Aww…is the big bad right upset about a little milkshake? :rofl: :rofl: :snowflake:

Another leftist talking about how its “just a milkshake”, but its not. Even without further escalation, its assault on a political candidate and interference with an election campaign and it cannot stand.

This kind of stupidity has become normalized. You have these people who’ve decided they’re going to personally interfere with the functioning of an election campaign, and they do it under the protection of the “protester” label.

The real question for me is, “How does this not escalate from milkshakes to broken knee-caps basically on the spot”. Were the Farage supporters asleep or what?


it’s not just acids attack to worry about it’s also common for Antifa and other far left wing groups to chuck piss on people out of these recent milkshake attacks I would bet that at least of the milkshakes was mix with piss next time it may very well be a acid attack and than my guess would be that the media would try to frame the victim as the instigator the British press is a joke

the most recent attacker was arrested but the first guy that threw a drink on Tommy Robinson was escorted by the police to a local train station below is a video of him bragging their is a longer one around with him giving more details of how the police helped him out.

Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the Labour Party the UK equivalent of the Democrats had a egg thrown at him the guy that did it is in jail he was sentenced to one month so their is a clear double standard in the UK legal system

If I know why you can get arrested in the UK for making a pug do a Nazi salute but you can thrown drinks on politicians without being arrested I would tell you why but I don’t know why their are such double standards

You Brits need to get up off your asses and start fighting. What the hell is wrong with you people?

I’ve always liked Nigel. Someone needs to start putting these twits in prison.

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They have been beaten down too hard by the state. They have allowed themselves to be constantly surveilled and harassed by police. This was all intentional of course, they won’t dare challenge the police now. They are too indoctrinated into thinking that the police are there to help them.

The difference in being a citizen and being a subject.

At least in America we can beat someone ass who throws things at us, its considered an assault and we can defend ourselves.


Yanks throwing stones in glass houses again. :roll_eyes:

so why do some idiotic brits throw milkshakes at people with opposing views?

Because the queen took away their guns and they think it makes them look cool on social media.

people are keep to busy working to be politically active the only people politically active in the UK are rich kids middle class stay at homes Mum’s and parasitic communities that live off benefits if I was a paranoid men I would say it’s deliberately done this way to stop working class communities getting a fair slice of the pie also don’t give up your guns

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I wish I could accuse you of talking shit unfortunately you are right this women was arrested because the day before this incident was recorded she asked the police to enforce a law that makes it illegal to hold prayers in a public park but as the worshippers were Muslim the law was not enforced and the next day she was arrested over the incident and charged with breach of the peace you can not make this shit up

Sounds bogus as hell. I hope she beats the charge and sues the hell out of everyone involved.

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