Nidal Hassan to be Executed May 5th, 2019 (?)

This is circulating Facebook this morning.


Problem is, I can only find other forum links with people discussing it. Can anyone verify this is actually happening on the upcoming Cinco de Mayo?

Heard nothing, I’m should the news would be all over it because Trump would have to ultimately approve it. That would turn into quite a circus.

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Here’s the header for the Wiki page on DuckDuckGo. When you open the link, that part has been removed. :thinking:

Maybe snowflakes are afraid that it will bring retribution.

I am pretty disgusted about how the soldiers who were wounded in that horrible event have been treated afterwards. One of the reason why I despise Obama til this day for not classifying it as an act of terrorism! Pretty outrageous!

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Martha McCallum did a great interview with retired Staff Sgt Sean Manning there. Pretty compelling and sad to hear what he had to go through with our own government slapping him in the face for his dedicated service.

Workplace violence… what bullshit that was! It ranks up there with the Iran deal and the Bergdahl trade.


I agree! There is no way anyone can convince me that what Obama did by classifying it as such was not politically motivated. Benghazi still stinks of this same motivation too!

That’s what I’m wondering, because the web cache is still there. We might be seeing a fiasco unfolding before the Friday release.

I’d rather they first unwhitewash the report about the shooting so it clearly and lucidly States his actual motives, that these were informed by a rational approach to Islam and what are considered the best texts for learning how to be a good Muslim.

It’s long past time we started disappointing and upsetting the Muslim Brotherhood rather than continue to deny the truth to keep the heathens happy.

I notice a weird anomaly with the Fox news article that Asaratis posted link has.


It was weird seeing this all through out the article and seems rather weird. Could be a over looked typo or something but for Fox news website it seems rather weird considering they usually proof read their stuff.

I wonder if Trump can fix that by simply reclassifying it as an act of terrorism?

No. The text of the report was apparently expunged of significant mention of Islam. He would at a minimum need to see that the earliest version of the report was restored as the official version.

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