Newlyweds left with horrific injuries after ‘standing up to boy who returned with gang’

“She ended up with horrific head injuries, broken ribs and a punctured lung while he suffered a gaping head wound following the attack with bats, machetes and an axe. She said: ‘At one point Neil was hit over the head and knocked to the floor and I thought he was dead. It was just carnage. Teresa was discharged but later rushed back to hospital after it was discovered that her lung had collapsed.”

Surely it’s time to restore the death penalty to rid our country of psychotic mad-dogs like this?

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A 27-year-old man is due to appear in crown court on Monday October 28 charged with a public order offence.

Why is there never a description of the attackers? We all know exactly what this attacker looks like and the same goes for his friends, but it would be good to see a mug shot or something. The more that people see what the criminals look like and what the victims look like - it won’t be for difficult for anyone to put two and two together.

It is the source of this story that is the problem! I was asking the same question after reading it!

I don’t live in the UK but I remember wondering the same thing when Breitbart was breaking all of those Pakistani rape gang stories over there. I think it has something to do with the accused being innocent until proven guilty - which is commendable in theory - but the public has a right to know who has been arrested and for what.

See, this is the reason I carry the .45. Ground control to Europe, come in Europe.

I’m more inclined to go with justifiable homicide. He came at me with a bat & machete; and so Your Honor, I shot him through the fucking head. Anyway, it works for me. I mean, ya really don’t have to kill the cretin; although that immediately ties up all loose ends. Two taps to each knee with a .45, and when the smoke clears, the remaining stumps will be a reminder. So several approaches to reach an end.

How nice of the police to release two of these SCUMBAGS. I would assume some of their names start with Mustafa or Mohammed. So much for their Gun Control Laws. When an attack like this happens, all bets are off. Shoot first, ask questions later. Protect yourself , family etc at all costs.


Sounds like this couple is really lucky to be alive since this gang of cowards came after them with blades and axes.

The irony is this OP was posted by an ardent anti gun advocate. I wonder what other methods could have worked to repel such savages and the fact police are failing to protect their citizens?

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If you’re shooting anywhere but center mass all you are doing is increasing the odds that first you’ll be convicted and second you’ll be successfully sued in civil court as well.

A political schizphrenic who rails against US gun ownership laws but at the same times says he’d carry if he could.

I submit that the word ‘machete’ speaks volumes? These ‘ethics’ do like to see lots of blood.

Just re-read the above - did nobody spot my deliberate mistake? Well I obviously mean ethnics. :roll_eyes:

Well, at the range I only use 1 gallon milk jugs as targets. About the size of a head; and I consistently nail em from 15 to 20 + yards. It’s long become a reflex. Takes a little time; but it pays off.

Good way to find yourself unnecessarily charged and certainly makes a strong argument in civil court that you were shooting to kill rather than simply to stop the threat.

Well, I guess a good talking to will stop a lunatic with a machete. Just ask him to wait until you call 911. Could have an espresso until the police arrive. Worth a try.

No but several high center mass hits will definitely do the trick nicely.

:rofl: These obsessive liberals really are something else.

Then they’ll be blue-lighted to the nearest hospital, restored to rude health again, then get discharged so they can do it all over again? FFS are you for real???

Few people will survive multiple hits HCM.

Shooting for HCM however unlike taking head shots or attempting to shoot to wound will go a long ways towards keeping you out of prison and out of bankruptcy.