NEW ZEALAND PRIME MINISTER: "Gun laws will change" 🤡

New Zealand’s gun control laws will be strengthened following the massacre of 49 people in Christchurch mosques, the country’s prime minister has said.

Jacinda Ardern said at a press conference early on Saturday that she would consider banning semi-automatic firearms altogether after the alleged gunman behind the shootings obtained five guns legally.

“I can tell you one thing right now: our gun laws will change,” said Ardern.

Kiwis on Twitter are applauding their leader for “taking a stance against white supremacy”. BUT - from my research it appears that they’re already cucked to death regarding gun laws. Tightening will yield negligible returns for them, and will not prevent even one crime.

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Changing gun laws to be more restrictive against law abiding people won’t stop lunatics from doing their rampages. If they can’t use a gun, well, they’ll just press on with bombs or use vehicles as a weapon as seen in Nice France.

Correct. New Zealand already has strict gun laws. As always, the state is punishing lawful gun owners for the terrorist acts of one person. More gun control fixes nothing.

Score one for the taxpayer-funded criminals here. Letting the dumbasses kill each other while they tighten the leash. Brilliant. lol

It’s okay folks, she ‘condemned’ the shooting. Everything has now been fixed and there is nothing to see. It works great in the UK, after the Islamist Manchester Bombing of the Arianna Grande concert that killed 22 people, mostly kids. The Prime Minister ‘Condemned’ it, cleaned it right up.

Cheers - been drinking too long tonight.


Remove emotion, and listen/watch as government (in this case, New Zealand) fails in its lone justification for a legal monopoly on violence, and yet congratulates itself simultaneously. The Prime Minister’s most recent press conference spent precious little time on the case, pivoting to the “brave” response of government employees (in truth, a private citizen with a gun is probably who ended the situation – he was arrested, of course). Bodies still smoldering were used as a further excuse by the Prime Minister to increase government power over two key issues: guns and the border. Both will inevitably be further restricted, and rights of self defense (vital in this case) and association will be sacrificed on the progressive altar of Do Something. More lists of thought crimes. More surveillance of suspected naughty ones. More crackdowns on speech and social media expression. She warned people will be charged with a crime if they show the gunman’s livestream video. Think about that: you don’t have to watch, but now you do not have the choice. Mommy government says so. Most will happily rush to the sea of calls for new laws, new cops, ever new curtailing of basic rights at all levels, from travel to self defense. This man’s murderous rage was the best thing to happen for progressives in decades. All it took was 49 dead Muslims. And I mean it.

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Leftists never let mass shooting go to waste.

She would do better to ban immigration from Australia.

I didn’t know New Zealand had a queen.

There they go again… leftists rewarding bad behavior. In this case, giving the NZ gunman exactly what he wanted. Chaos, dissention, gun control-banning gun ownership. How convenient for these leftists that these incidents keep occurring. Hmmm…

Yeah! Same old leftist argument! Use a crisis with a kneejerk reaction to punish lawful gun owners! Like you said it won’t change a thing other than giving government more power! Surprise surprise!

False flags

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This is the true face of NZ government and their submission to the Islam. Congratulations NZ - keep being a bunch pussies, pay your taxes, and vote for cucks and feminists that are destroying your country. Don’t bother to fight the war of rights before they disarm you!


Typical liberal. Never mind the reason of the terror attack or the mental state of attacker the liberals always want to take away guns. This never does anything. Just remember almost all mass shootings in the US happen in gun free zones

So are you saying she was blowing smoke when she said “our gun laws WILL change”?

I am saying I doubt it’s just her decision. Can’t say I know enough about them to say whether or not she will get what she wants. Hopefully the electorate aren’t dumb enough to think the rational reaction to someone mowing down unarmed people is to give up their only means of defense of it happening to them.

Pretty sickening to see this! Cowtow to political correctness!

So I think NZ might actually be more cucked than Canada which is a real relief. Here I was thinking that of the English-speaking western countries Canada was the most cucked. Then I saw this.