New Zealand man refuses to give up guns, gets killed in standoff with police


Man wanted after guns found at Christchurch home dies during standoff with police

Police say a 54-year-old man is dead after a overnight standoff with police, following the discovery of guns at a property.

In a statement this morning, Police Commissioner Mike Bush said a search warrant was issued yesterday at a St Martins address where police found a number of firearms.

Police then sought a 54-year-old man over the guns, but he died during a subsequent standoff with police.

Police located the man inside a stopped vehicle in the Richmond Park area about 12.30am today, but he refused to get out of his vehicle.

A police negotiation team spoke with him over a number of hours, and a police helicopter was called in, as well as Armed Offender Squad members.

About 3.40am, police approached the vehicle and found that the man was critically injured with what looked to be a stab wound - a knife was found in the vehicle.

Members of the public reported hearing gunshots, but police said that was the sound of gas canisters being deployed.

Mr Bush said a high priority investigation is underway to find out whether or not this man posed a threat to the community.

Further searches of properties and interviews with family and associates will be carried out.

Mr Bush said that, at this time, there is no evidence to suggest the man was connected to the March 15 terrorist attack, but that they are looking at any potential link.

Police will remain in the area of Richmond Park and St Martins as scene examinations continue.

Mr Bush said he was grateful to the members of the public who had reported the suspicious activity of the man.

Of course they are. They will search his internet history and find out that he watched the video of the shooting (like millions of people did) and became “radicalized” - this will justify their SWAT level assault on an unarmed civilian who resisted turning over his weapons. Good for him. RIP.

It’s cool. They had a warrant. That gave them all the authority they needed to murder a civilian for not complying. And folks wonder why some of us are fighting tooth and nail to keep the 2nd amendment.

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People need to realize that when we say “come and take it” it’s the police who will be showing up to do so. I have a healthy respect for law enforcement but I will no longer go out of my way to support them. I’m not convinced that they won’t be the ones who strip us of our Constitutional rights. At least in NZ an actual resistance is taking place. The cops won’t be able to keep killing people because they own firearms.

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So the guy wasn’t getting out of the car because somebody had stabbed him. Police then approach the vehicle 3 hours later and tear gas the guy? WTF is going on down there?

All of this because he owned guns?

I don’t know! I think its conflicting as the article suggested he took his own life from what appeared to be a self inflicted wound and the police did not shoot him. Of course if you believe the media’s version of it, then yeah sure its conflicting, on the other hand those canisters that the article cites that were popped off by the SWAT team, were they instead the police shooting the suspect and now its being covered up? If the media account is correct then why would he decide to end his own life when he could be more effective in his advocacy for keeping his firearms by getting his day in court? Something about this story doesn’t add up!

Something was getting shot into the car.

Did he have legal possession? Was he threatenig anyone? If he owned the guns legally, and was not threatening anyone, why was a warrant issued? I see a gray area. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some ( certainly not all ) police, often work at turning a benign situation into a crime. It happens.

Their policy apparently is to shoot first then conduct “a high priority investigation to find out whether or not this man posed a threat to the community.”