New Zealand gets tattooed Maori foreign minister, gay deputy PM

I am of the opinion that the current NZ government is so intoxicated with leftist ideology, I am surprised that a Muslim was not chosen to be the shadow Prime Minister.


The voters get the politicians they deserve.

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Yes, they did! A wonderful forward-thinking Prime Minister who is the embodiment of class, grace, and leadership. A political cabinet that is as diverse as the people who put them there. This is what democracy looks like!

I have seen tattoos on the faces of women in Syria. Japan has an entire minority whose upper lip has a tattoo of a mustache. Can you imagine kissing her!

You’re talking about the Ainu in the north.
Nowadays, you can’t find such women.
In the old days, it was dark in their cabins anyway. LOL

The whole idea was to make married women less attractive to strangers (and this practice one way or another is found in many cultures). Abuse? Maybe.

Leftist / Liberal ideology could actually work if you removed the Marxist element and adopted fiscally responsible plans to enact national incentive to educate, employ, and elevate ALL Bonafide citizens toward the highest common denominator of prosperity, freedom, and equality.

Of course, at that point, they would have to call themselves Conservatives.

Sucks to be there. I like the queen. God save the queen!

I don’t know about the Queen, but the liberals (which has the opposite meaning down under) pretend to be friends of the poor and and the indigenous population.

But it’s the leftist policies that turn them into a bunch of alcoholics.

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