New York legislation to vote on to have unvaccinated locked up

BREAKING REPORT: New York Legislation set for vote on January 5th, 2022 Provides for INDEFINITE DETENTION OF UNVACCIANTED at Governor’s Discression…

My god!

How did we get here???

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I guess I’m going to jail

Fuck sorry to hear that

The world has gone mad if this really happens than covit was definitely always just plan to make people live differently

This why it’s important to vote for trump abs only trump

The Democratic’s will not let the unvaccinated vote at this rate

Or watch the ballots be counted

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Bye bye to you
Bye bye to the Patriots
And bye bye to America! Its over! The country is finished!

Well the patriots always win

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We’ll see more and more who can afford to move out of that state.

They can release criminals with no bail but hey, let’s lock up people who have jobs and families to feed.

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New Chinese commie mayor of boston it’s supposed to implement a vaccine passport today. I’m screwed and my small business

Apparently you don’t bother to read either because you created a duplicate thread here.

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This thread has been posted already , a duplicate thread . :roll_eyes: