New York is a Shithole!

This thread is for discussion of politics, politicians, laws and news from the not-so-great state of New York, USA. Comparisons and contrasts to the same in other states are also welcome.

Just my opinion, but Quomo and DeBlasio are likely the worst Governor and big city Mayor in existence within the United States.

They both play the blame game in deflecting the blame for any and all problems to others, including to each other. They both seem to oppose the use of the National Guard in helping abate the rioting and looting in NYC, likely because President Trump thinks it a good idea.

Quomo claims that the Mayor AND the NYPD have failed to do their jobs, when actually the NYPD is hamstrung by the Mayor and the police commissioner. Neither of them realize that the National Guard could relieve the NYPD by providing the manpower to guard businesses against looters while the police arrest individuals and waste their time booking them. (At least they establish a record and get fingerprints…even though the stupid no-bail laws let them free immediately afterward.)

Ohio and Minnesota are two states currently using their National Guard troops to help. It seems to be working well for them. What makes New York so different?

Edit: Just saw on the news that the National Guards have been deployed in 28 states and in Washington, D.C.

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Just a little back ground too. History of the State and its Democratic Political Party machine has been rife with corruption for a very long time. The State never has passed a budget on time, and has been carrying a deficit for a long time can remember. Not since Hue Carry has the state even came close to to having open assembly meetings. Its no wonder that states like New York, share common problems to that of California, Oregon, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, that have exceedingly increasing taxes, over legislated its constituents, but continue to have the same problems year in and year out without any viable solutions to fix them. All states mind you, that have been ran by Democratic leadership at the helm.

And Quomo, with his coked out nasal passages, hums out demands for bailouts from the federal treasury for COVID-19 related losses.

Cuomo looks like a typical Mobster. He is a skelator with bad breath!

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It’s time police start to do their job , this standing by and watching looters and arsonist destroy Cities has gone on far too long . We all know it’s the WORKING TAXPAYER from other cities and States that will pay the bill to re-build , WHY ?

When the police are outnumbered 50 to 1 by a psychotic mob of thugs willing to kill police personnel just for the excitement of it, the police are wise not to press their luck.

If there were hundreds of National Guard personnel to present a show of force and use non-lethal tactics to control the mob, the police could arrest and transport the thugs to booking.

DeBlasio is a stupid fucking communist asshole who doesn’t really care if NYC fails.

They are pretty much run of the mill.

Colorado: The Gov had no comment and was somewhere else during the rioting in Denver over the weekend thru Tuesday. Now that it has calmed a bit he’s back in front of the mic.

So what then do the honest citizens do when the place of work is destroyed ? What should they do or call when their cars are set on fire ? What should whites do when they are targeted for a beating ? What happens to a community when there is no one to call or help you during these times ? When police are not going to engage or bother showing up it encourages even more thugs to join in . What are we left with when there is no-one to call for help ?

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To quell the mobs of violent protestors and looters, the state governments should deploy their National Guard troops. The communist Mayor DeBlasio claims his are not qualified.

The coke-nose Governor Quomo doesn’t want to depoy them because President Trump wants him to do so.

It’s the local and state governments that are denying their citizens protection of life, liberty and property.

Bail reform keeps criminals on the streets. Coke-nose Quomo did that.

New York should get rid of both of those inept, crooked assholes.

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New York is a shithole.

Sister city to San Fran.


The entire Empire State is in trouble until the voters get rid of Coke-nose Quomo…just as is the whole state of California until they get rid of the four dynasty families that have run it for 80 years.


Two more policemen shot and one stabbed early this morning in Brooklyn…as they attempted to protect private businesses from looters.

THAT’S why they are reluctant to get involved with a bunch of goddamned apeshit crazy thugs.

Call in the national Guard, Quomo, you stupid bastard!


Tell me, how much of New York have you actually been to and explored? it sounds like you were talking about New York City and some of our smaller failed Democrat controlled cities. Do you even realize how big this state is and how pissed off people are that their voice has been taken away by corrupt politicians in the urban areas? This is a great and beautiful state that is being corrupted by the far left. The people who live here actually have to resist and fight for our freedoms. People who live in red states and have never been here never seem to grasp the concept of how difficult it is to be a conservative in a state that is controlled by leftists, primarily in the cities. I don’t live in the city and never have and I’ve watched New York City politics take over all of New York State. This isn’t because New Yorkers are liberal or left-wing, outside of the cities most people are incredibly conservative. The politicians in New York have been playing a long game. They get people who are ideologically aligned to move to the towns and villages, they bring a bunch of cityots with them, they create social programs that literally ship in homeless people and criminals from New York City to be housed in rural areas because the limousine liberals don’t want anything to do with them. So they dump these vagrants out into the country and these are the people that make up the Democrat voting base. Obviously, I can go on and on about this but it sounds to me like you don’t know a damn thing about my state or the people who live in it. You might want to put your broad brush away because you don’t paint a very good picture with it.


People who don’t live here don’t understand. They think the whole state is NYC. They see Governor Nipples on TV and they think that all New Yorkers are like him. He’s city trash and so was his father. What’s funny is Trump is a New Yorker and so is Sean Hannity. William F Buckley was also a New Yorker. They all seem to remember that FDR was from New York but they forget that Teddy was too…who was a far better President and Patriot.

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People outside the state don’t know anything about how the politics of this state works or how a few counties have a stranglehold on the rest of us. Case in point…the 2016 Presidential Election map (a lot of patriotic Americans live in all those red boxes):

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You should read my posts more carefully before assuming that I either know nothing of upstate New York or equate the people of New York state with the horrible government that controls it.

Just as I hate the Communist Chinese government but not the Chinese people, I hate the New York government but not the people of New York.

In a previous post, I stated that the entire Empire state “is in trouble” until the voters get rid of Coke-nose Quomo.

My knowledge of New York is first hand in regard to New York City. I visited there in 1957 during the Boy Scout Jamboree. My third wife was a murderous bitch from Brooklyn. I made several trips there to visit with her loony family. Most of the news I read is of the New York metropolitan area.

Upstate New York I see as a totally different world. Hunting, fishing, woodlands, etc. I just finished reading a book Braiding Sweetgrass which was written by an upstate New Yorker. She’s a member of one of the several tribes that still live in a large area of upstate New York and whose forefathers advised our forefathers regrading the concept of democracy.

I highly recommend this book to you.

I do not denigrate upstate New Yorkers based on their existence. I simply hate the idea that they suffer under the governorship of Albany. They are IN TROUBLE in that regard.

It is a real shame that rural areas are subject to the rules of liberal metropolitan assholes such as Quomo in New York and Newsom in California.


I mean Yonkers still has its own tax bracket for crying out loud!

Paul Joseph Watson calls “it” out!

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