New US Jobless Claims Reaches 6.6 Million

This is pretty staggering but not surprising given the economic impact that the CCP virus has had on the Global economy. Stay tuned!

US Jobless Claims Soar to 6.6 Million, Shattering Record

I suppose we won’t be hearing about the black unemployment rate anymore…


I don’t see how the economy is going to recover after this. The 2008 crash is looking like a joke compared to this dumpster fire. Expect countless small businesses to go under and never come back.

When I saw the alerts this morning that was the first thing I thought of. No more pandering to the most obnoxious, lazy, criminal, and racist group of people in this country.

Don’t worry everyone! Our brave conservatives are going to just fire up the money printers and bail everyone out!


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Yep the cure(for the Covid19 virus) is gonna be much worse than the disease.

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They will all go back to their old career fields when the police stop showing up for work. Don’t worry, they won’t have any problem with being gainfully employed.