New Trump Administration Rule Lets Officials Deny Green Cards to Immigrants Using Welfare Programs

Can’t say that I don’t like this idea, but how far will it get before a legal challenge is presented is the question I have? I have to hand it to Trump to keeping immigration as an issue on the forefront and keeping the pressure on!

New Trump Administration Rule Lets Officials Deny Green Cards to Immigrants Using Welfare Programs


As I understand it this was already on the books, it just wasn’t being enforced.


I did not know that! But hey if they start enforcing this that is a good thing right?

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It should have been enforced the day the bill was signed . We don’t need more 2nd grade dropouts freeloading off the hard working taxpayers . we have 35,000,000, ILLEGALS roaming our streets and protected by liberal turds .

Now to get the bureaucrats on board. Of course this is racism against these"poor" immigrants
Big deal , so they have to work .How many millions of immigrants that came to this country worked and didn’t collect welfare???
Haven’t they done enough by overburdening our taxpayers???
If they don’t want to come here and work ,kick their damn ass back to where they came from.

Never should have been allowed to begin with. Carter Era EO’s a I believer were used to circumvent the law and more during Obama’s Administration.

While the law says you can’t get welfare bennies they just worked around it.

This is the right thing to do and so is requiring any legal immigrants to either post a bond or have a sponsor that will be responsible for them as long as they are here and not US citizens.

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That is the law. If congress doesn’t like it they can change it.

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The American taxpayer should have never been on the hook for any of the financial burdens of immigrants. if they can’t afford to pay their own way in this country they have no place here. Welfare and public assistance is only for our own citizens when they get down on their luck, not for foreign trash.

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Funny they claim that Trump is a criminal and a dictator on immigration when all he’s doing is enforcing the laws congress has already passed.

Yep. And the left will spin it and continue to spin it that way.

I wonder how many people know that Trump is actually following the law?

Oh and they’ve already started claiming it’s racist. :grin:

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The people who are complaining the loudest about this are also the ones who have the ability to change the law.

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We need more givers rather than takers. It’s as simple as that.

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The tax contributions of immigrants

Immigrants pay the same taxes we all do — federal income tax, social security tax, Medicare tax, property tax, state income tax, sales tax, and so on. The taxes they pay help to cover federal and state services that benefit communities everywhere. In 2014, immigrants paid an estimated $328 billion in state, local, and federal taxes. Immigrants paid more than a quarter of all taxes in California, and they paid nearly a quarter of all taxes in New York and New Jersey.

50% of all immigrants here less than ten years are on some sort of public assistance and for those here longer than 10 y ears it jumps up to over 60%.

This of course doesn’t even begin to address illegals who are of course generally in the bottom 40% of earners and so all of them with children end up on various forms of welfare.

Nice job of you however conflating legal and illegal immigrants for the purpose of misleading us.

And they are a net negative to the economy.

And yet they are still a financial burden to the country. Simply paying taxes doesn’t mean they don’t burn up any contribution with social programs; using our education and medical systems.

Those so called “studies” seem to purposely not count the fact that a large portion of what they are spending and thus supposedly contributing to the economy is in fact our own tax dollars they are receiving through various forms of welfare.