New Peer-Reviewed Danish Academic Study Finds Diversity Is Not A Strength

If so, how come they lived peacefully together, Christian Armenians and Muslim Turks, for hundreds of years?

The tragedy happened only after the crypto-■■■ Young Turk revolution.

This belies your assertion of peace within the region.

You raise an interesting point.
Anti-Armenian sentiment is present amongst Georgians (very strong) and Russians (not strong as far as I know), etc., but these folks are all Christians.

Generally average folks are jealous of a successful minority.
I heard it said in Germany that a ■■■ might outsmart five Germans but an Armenian can outsmart five ■■■■■ Armenians traditionally invested in education and learning, and in their diaspora (from the Turkish areas), they became successful in various businesses and art and there are successful Armenians in Europe as well as in English-speaking countries.

The Armenian genocide happened, no doubt about it, in the areas of Turkey after the crypto-■■■■ took over power. It goes to show ■■■■ go after educated and knowledgeable peoples, not dumbed down ignoramus in shithole countries.

What’s their modus operandi? Create artificial “diversity” in Christian countries so that they can easily be dumbed down.

You keep referring to ■■■■■■ people is seemingly disparaging terms. I don’t know/or really care to know why. People are people.
Just a bit of history, as you seem to be a thoughtful person, ■■■ for centuries were forbidden from owning land/property, so they were merchants, craftsmen, bankers, etc. The traditions and skills were passed from father to son as was the tradition in most cultures, but the ■■■■■■ people did not have the range of career options of non-■■■■ due to the (still raging) antisemitism.
Maybe lighten up a bit or get away from your tribe if that is their bigotry.

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I make the over/under about six weeks for the authors to repent and withdraw the paper and apologize.

Exactly the point. Many peoples in the world refer to themselves as “people” like the Ainu of Japan, as “Ainu” means people.
“Germans” actually comes from Latin, meaning brothers.
Deutsch from Teut, like you say Teutonic, simply means “people”

You seem to think ■■■■ are people like the rest of us, but it’s them who disagree. Their Talmud specifically teaches ■■■■ that ■■■■ are the only people (of their supposed god), and the rest are cattle, to be exploited, to be stolen from, to be deceived and to be disposed of when they become useless.

This tendency got fortified after the Khazars (of the Asian race) converted to Judaism in the 9th century, and to the the worst form Judaism which is the Talmudic Judaism, denounced by Jesus.

Diversity is an excuse for the extinction of intelligent races by mixing with “inferior” races

When you look at reviews of the best countries to live in they are all (other than the US) very monolithic ethnically. Also race is an easy and powerful way the political class can divide people.

May I paraphrase?
“Race” is an excuse to divide and conquer a monolithic society.
They bring in different “races” to cause unrest.
Although Britain consists of a few countries, they never had to deal with Africans and Pakistanis.

I’m glad some common sense has worked it’s way into the social science.

The more diverse a population it is the more it will be divided.

What the hell? The British colonized both and had to deal with them for hundreds of years, and a great many of them moved to GB during and post colonization.

Same here. I go about my life in such a way which doesn’t bother nor inconvenience anybody, but if that ‘anybody’ thrusts their unwanted attentions on me, then I’ll become their worst nightmare; and if any do-gooder interferes on my assailant’s behalf because they think I’m ‘over-reacting’, then I’ll become their worst nightmare too.

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“Diversity” for diversity’s sake is as idiotic as making “History” in some formal sense, rather than mere history as just what has happened, because it fulfills a supposed narrative. Both are things the Left has eagerly engaged in.