“New offer from trump enterprises

Well we have new offer of nude pictures of LUCY…you know Lucy anyway…it’s a limited time offer…
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All comes to you from trump enterprises always looking for new money…

We still are offering our series 1 melania uncovered…now this isn’t expensive cuz there’s nude pictures of her every where…but it’s a full wide open spread though…

And our ever popular series 2 the ivanka unwrapped at 11 years old …it’s full of everything red necks want to see naked children…and it’s packed full of all the things donnie has taught her…donnies good

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We must have some red neck buyers huh

Nah… Porn Hub is free.

Come on soul…you know there’s a built up demand for some Ivanka good shit…huh
You know that is 100% true all we have to do is get into the hands of the people to enjoy
lvankias has her only future left in this because donnie has fuked up her business life huh

I don’t care???..

Well what do you care about huh