New migrant caravan sets off for U.S. from southern Mexico. The fun continues

TAPACHULA, Mexico, Sept 4 (Reuters) - A migrant caravan of around 400 people, including many children, set off from the southern Mexican city of Tapachula for the United States on Saturday, just a couple of days after security and migration officials dispersed another large group.

Mostly comprising Central Americans and Haitians, the caravan left at around 7:30 a.m. local time from a park in Tapachula where they had been staying, ignoring an earlier attempt by security forces to make them give up, a Reuters witness reported.

Many in the group, which included Venezuelans and other South Americans, said they were fleeing poverty and violence at home as they began trekking towards the town of Huixtla.

This week Mexican officials gradually broke up another caravan as President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he wanted undocumented migrants to stay in southern Mexico, while also urging the U.S. government to help them find work.

Sharon, a 31-year-old Honduran wearing a Minnie Mouse face mask, said after spending a year living in Tapachula struggling to support her three children by selling gum, she felt she had to make a bid to reach the United States.

“I’ve handed in paperwork, but nothing ever gets fixed,” she said tearfully. “Just appointments and more appointments. I am scared, but if I don’t get out of here, I’m not going to get work,” she said, declining to give her last name.

Some of the migrants travelling in the caravan earlier this week complained they had been subject to brutal treatment by Mexican officials, and the government’s National Migration Institute condemned incidents of violence captured on video.

Maybe Mexico should keep their people and give them work instead of dumping them into the US.

(Mexican president to urge Biden to help migrants get work visas | Reuters)

All the NGOs and the UN POS will be down there babbling about “Human Rights” aka the EXCUSE to allow UNLIMITED amounts of Illegal Immigrants into Sovereign Nations.

They don’t want that, what they want is Gibs Me Dat, they can’t get unlimited Welfare and other free shit in Mexico so this is why they DEMAND to come to America because thanks to the Democrats and the RINO’s they get this ditto for the majority of the airlifted Afghans now arriving, the majority of them will be straight onto Welfare and the reason why this is being allowed is to overload the system so it collapses, it’s ALL deliberate, it’s the Cloward-Piven Strategy in action:

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This immigration is depressing. The culture our ancestors created the class western civilization is all gone

BTW Lou it’s not just Mexicans, the below article states that 2,000 Haitians and Venezuelans crossed the Rio Grande into West Texas the other day:

Hatians are the worst because they think they own America, because they helped us in the French war lol

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Within 5 years America will have become a Third World Shithole, which of course is The Plan, it’s part of The Agenda to within 5 years turn ALL Western nations into Third World Shitholes by importing UNLIMITED amounts of Third World Savages into ALL Western nations.

The Globalists need to collapse The West in order to take over completely, once The West has been collapsed The Globalists will start a war with both China and Russia in order they think to take over both of those nations…I think of course The Globalists are going to lose, I think they will fail in their quest for World Domination.

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It already is look at Chicago, I sit in Boston waiting for all the money to run out what will happen to the thousands on welfare jobs. I don’t even recognize my city anymore

Not just Chicago, it’s basically EVERY city run by the Democrats, if you notice Republican run places are not becoming Shitholes, only Democrat places are becoming Shitholes.


I wonder how many Liberal Governor’s will be handing out drivers licenses and voter registration forms at the border.

They are called VOTES today . :rage: :rage: :rage:


And the filthy RINOs help them to do this, suggesting they are either being blackmailed or they’ve been bought off, considering the majority of the Illegals are going to be told/encouraged to vote Democrat.

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Ok, where you headed to……:thinking:



Probably any major city in the US qualifies.

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Probably not any of them………

You don’t want 40 million illegals to drive? Shame on you! Lol