New Jersey Trump Event

Reports are that people are already arriving today (Monday) for tomorrow nights event.

New Jersey in play for Trump in 2020?

That seems like a crazy early arrival time for a rally…even by Trump standards.

It’s crazy that Trump would be attracting such a large crowd in a state that is run by a socialist and that consistently votes blue.

There are actually a lot of conservatives in NJ. My sister lives there and everyone I have ever met there is pro-Trump. I’m not sure how the state got so screwed up.

Probably from illegals and welfare queens voting for more gibsmedats.

New Jersey from the Raritan River south, half the State, has no representation and should be it’s own State.

More than 175,000 people have requested tickets to see Trump in NJ, which is a Democrat stronghold. The Democrats are screwed in 2020. Their only chance is vote fraud of epic proportion, and even then I think they can’t win

A beautiful day here in Jersey. Everyone attending should have a great time at the Jersey Shore.
Who doesn’t want to attend a Trump rally when he makes it so much fun. He’s so far ahead of the opposition they aren’t even on the same playing field and it’s so bad they don’t even realize it.


The Dems are to full of themselves, stuffy, boring and have no way of keeping America Great Again.They want to BRAINWASH American’s into accepting Socialism.

Part of NJs problem is those that work in Phila. have been brainwashed by the Liberals in the city.

Don’t forget all of them that work in NYC too - the epicenter of leftist insanity on the East Coast.

Very impressive turn out so far!


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They definitely are full of themselves. :wink:

I suspect Trump is going to win 2020; however we need to take the House and maintain the Senate.

Let the man do what was stolen from him by the lefties and the RHINO’s during his first term.

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Wherever he speaks, Trump is more comfortable around people than all the Dems put together and doesn’t put you to sleep.
He doesn’t have to be a polished speaker and everyone understands what he says.

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Lol, the population of New Jersey is 10 million.

Only if they’re his hard core base, red haters, the ones that have excused him for siding with Putin against his own country on foreign soil, abuse of power, etc…

Hopefully the people of NJ get the message.

President Donald Trump rocked a rally at Wildwood, New Jersey on Tuesday, promoting Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who left the Democrat party to become a Republican.

“The Democrat Party is the socialist party, and maybe worse. Voters are making a mass exodus from that party, and we are welcoming them to the Republican party with wide-open arms,” Trump said.

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