New Jersey Gov. Wants to Increase Price of Owning a Gun Twenty-Fold

New Jersey Gov. Philip D. Murphy is proposing a plan to punish law-abiding gun owners by making it extremely expensive to own a gun.

This is pretty crazy and I am not sure its constitutional! The Gov wants to punish law abiding Gun owners by raising the fees 20X than what they are currently at. What is stupid about this as the article is so apt to point out; does anybody think the criminals are going to pay the fee that this dumbass Governor is proposing? I hope this is challenged if Gov. Murphy decides to go through with it.

NJ hasn’t raised fees since the 1960s, so I am not shocked to hear about a cash-strapped leftist state extracting more money from their own citizens. Also not shocked to learn that they will make the fees among the highest in the nation. Now, if they were smart they would make gun ownership less restrictive to cash in on the deal…but we are talking about East Coast liberals.

Is it any wonder NJ is one of the HIGHEST taxed States in the USA ???

All this is is a money grab to provide more welfare to the many illegals who are coming into NJ. Doesn’t he know that NJ is rated as one of the safer states to live in?

Is the governor protected by armed personnel?

Give it up Gov. There is no need for your protection.