New Hate Hoax Incoming! Immanuel Christian School Fake Attack


ITS HAPPENING: Prepare for the race war. A brand new, fresh Jussie Smollett style hoax is about to rip through our society again. A black girl was supposedly assaulted by “white boys”. According to the only witness, the victim, the white boys told her she should’ve never been born. They told her her hair was nappy. All total BULLSHIT. But the MSM will use it to cause riots and to call Trump a racist. Watch it unfold before your very eyes.


This didn’t happen. White people have no day-to-day use for the word “nappy” and a black slang word for unruly hair texture wouldn’t be used by anyone other than blacks.

Now, now, this girl is obviously experiencing real fake trauma…

I live in Northern Virginia. I seriously doubt this happened. Springfield has a heavy Hispanic and Middle Eastern population. It’s not a place where gangs of roving white teenagers hang out. There really is no place to hang out other than strip mall parking lots and the occasional park here and there. I sincerely doubt the veracity of this story. It stinks of race baiting and opportunism.

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It would be great if the media started covering all incidents of black on white bullying in the United States.

This story is a load of black victim bullshit.

She was so victimized and traumatized that she didn’t tell anyone for 2 days?

It took her attentive and stellar parents 2 days to notice that their child’s hair had been chopped up?

Conveniently, no one else witnessed this at recess. :ok_hand:

They are saying it happened at recess, and no one saw it. Anyone who has ever been on a schoolyard knows the minute a big commotion breaks out. This girl is lying. She probably tried cutting her hair herself and did a bad job of it. So instead of accepting responsibility she decided to do the easiest thing in the world, blame white people.

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This happened this week and the media isn’t touching the story. This kid is in the hospital in critical condition the last I heard. He might even be dead. He got beat because of the color of his skin - white skin. Not a fucking peep from the media.

The media needs to stop being so god damn irresponsible. Right now these are only allegations. There is no proof. No one is rushing to back up what this girl is saying either. I know it won’t happen but the media really should stop running stories like this until all the facts come out.

Come on guys! We all know blacks are always completely peaceful towards whites. It’s the whites who are completely aggressive.

How awful. I’d hate to be a mother getting that phone call.

They act in packs like hyenas. Cowards.

When will our criminal justice system make fearing the law relevant again?

Hmm. The family wants a strong message sent that this should not be tolerated.

If it happened as the girl claims, I agree.

However, given today’s climate I tend to dismiss her claim.

That is the sad thing about what is going on today. Real victims are being dismissed because there is so much bullshit out there.

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I don’t buy it because these kids take out their cell phones and record faster than anything. No way this happened in a crowded schoolyard with no one else seeing it or recording it.

On the off chance it did happen then I’m with you - but this is completely unrealistic. The 2 day delay is also suspicious. If this really happened in the schoolyard the way she says it did she would have ran to tell a teacher lighting fast and pointed the boys out.

Oooohhh Weeee! Dey mad n sheeeiiit!


Everything about it is suspicious. She is a straight A student there since Kindergarten?

No trusted teachers?

Minorities seem to want to jump on the bandwagon of being oppressed. A moment of fame in furtherance of “the cause”.

Yet, why don’t actual, documented videos like @cypriot posted get buried?

What the “woke” leftists can’t seem to comprehend is that they are poking the bear. The actual backbone of the country. It is going to backfire on them when people start saying enough is enough.


Damn man that shit is rage inducing.

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It is. The hammer needs to come down on behavior like this.

No, “well, you have no previous record so…” and the perps laugh their way through it.

The hammer needs to COME DOWN. They need to fear the law, not laugh at it.

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This appears to be a very wealthy school. Karen Pence teaches there. I am sensing a hustle coming on. They probably want a quick cash payout to make all of this go away.

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Scaring people with a baseless lawsuit is more sure than winning big at scratch off.

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I saw this story on the news last night. I call bullshit. Blacks love being the victim, especially the victim of a White terrorist hate crime. This black kid didn’t run home and tell her mammie right away. She waited two days after the alleged White terrorist attack when her grandmother noticed it when she was doing her hair, that is suspicious af to me.

Regardless of what happened they will sue and be awarded a shit ton of money.