New Flu in town?

I just came thru the first I assume stage of maybe flu.I never did get COVID. Last night went to bed early about 1030 because I couldn’t get comfortable in my chair. I couldn’t get warm and kept adding blankets until I had my full winter set on the bed. It was 71° in the bedroom so I was suspicious. It was impossible to get comfortable. By about 0130 I had a bout of official chills, and that evolved into sweats, back and forth at least 3 cycles, maybe 4. Thru all this I had the kind of congestion where you try to clear your throat & lungs of what seemed like small, tiny bubbles of mucus, but they are endless and no matter how deeply you reach, you can never feel clear of them. That coughing was constant and endless and cycled between being ordinary depth to too deep and never fulfilling. Eventually it was so deep and profound it was hard to recover from one cough and have enough breath to breathe in for another cough and produced some blood from I assume torn tissues. By about 0500 the coughing evolved back to more ordinary depth and cycles and the chills & sweats went away.

Noon; my muscles are sore now; I took a hot shower without doing any soap, etc. But that hot water helped a little and I will lollygag until I feel better. Coughing is more intermittent with less discharge so I guess I’ve seen the worst of it. I already take 4 Tylenol a day and an antihistamine & vitamin D, so not much left to take.

I haven’t had a bout like this in 50 years and will gladly wait another 50 for the next. I’m telling you about it so you can react as best you can if you see it around.

People are having weird experiences regarding sleep, or lack thereof, and I am having a weird sensation of heat and old in addition.

Outside temperature is 17C or 60F at 4 a.m. and it’s very comfortable if I’m up and about but I need warm clothes since I’m sitting and playing with PC.

As for any virus infection, I have always taken vitamin C, olive leaf herbs and dewormer herbs (wormwood, cloves, etc) and a gadget called zapper which kills all microorganisms (supposedly).

There is a medical, biological term for this, but I forgot. Viruses infect bacteria; bacteria infect larger parasites and worms; and parasites and worms infect reptiles and mammals which are us.

If you have virus symptoms, it is necessary to de-worm. Otherwise colds will not go away because there are virus hidden in parasites and worms.

When people have a temperature / fever, how come they take drugs to lower it? Fever is a body’s way of fighting infection, so why sabotage the body’s defense mechanism. (Of course, if the temp is excessive, it’s detrimental.) By the same token, if you eat or drink something the body cannot handle, it gives diarrhea. Why do some people stop it by taking drugs?

As for coughing, there is an element of chemtrails, which anybody can see in the sky but many deny that this artificial aerial spray is a mere conspiracy theory.

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I’m not certified as worm-free, but I think I came thru the worst of my disease experience OK in spite of being old and pretty used-up. I normally keep a low profile; I shop in the middle of the week when the working slobs are working and stay out of their way on week-ends. You’re welcome! It’s a good idea for old people on several levels from not adding to the length of lines of people others have to stand in to being exposed to fewer of other people’s diseases. That’s a win-win for me and society.

I do a lot of shopping on line for almost everything and don’t have to walk around a million square foot store. Halleluiah. I can price shop to my heart’s desire and like the concept of picking up from lockers in a couple hours and being on my way. In the worst case, that’s mostly for stuff too insignificant in cost to ship free and I naturally love free shipping arriving in just a couple days for more costly stuff. The old era of going from store-to-store-to-store looking for something and coming home empty handed and greatly aggravated at the clerks who look at you like you have two heads when they tell you they’ve never heard of the item you are asking for, you dumb ass. This new world is made for old people!

Parasite infection usually occurs through water and food, but can occur through air in crowded subways and buses in large cities. I haven’t eaten raw fish for decades and make sure meat is sufficiently cooked.

If you keep a cat or dog, you can be SURE you have worms and parasites. Need to de-worm yourself and these domestic animals on a regular basis.

In nature, parasitism is a way of life whether you like it or not and parasites may have two legs or have no legs. You cannot avoid parasites out in nature, in human society and inside your body. They are often found in human brains and even eyeballs.

Yes, parasites like to infect your brain to manipulate your thinking from generation to generation. And typically they pretend to be necessary and to work for you.

The parasites cause myrid illnesses while stealing your energy, best of nutrition such as hard-earned vitamins and minerals, and the parasites dump their SH-T which is highly toxic inside your brain where you least want it.

Never forget: Worms and parasites harbor nasty bacteria and viruses.

It’s a hoax. Again.
‘First Human Bird Flu Death’ Exposed as Hoax: Patient Died from Kidney Failure - News Addicts

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It’s an election year but no one is buying. Lots of supply zero demand. How do you like the cupcakes? We will not be defeated!

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I agree that worms and parasites are very problematic, I’ve had a Biden in my ass for close to 4 years and no matter how much or often I shit I can see the Bidens squirming around in my turds and on the toilet paper. I suspect I’ve been infected with Kamalmalaparatitus for about as long. It makes my shit stink at a level that is hard to remove and I swear is absorbed into the surfaces of steel and ceramics which are normally considered impermeable. I have to run the bathroom exhaust fan for hours at home and my gas station won’t give me the key to the men’s room anymore with no explanation. In public places children hide behind their parents and avoid eye contact. My Doctor has advised me to move to one of the southern states where I would get more fresh air in the winter, and having the Wicked Witch of the West as governor here weighs heavily on my mind, but I think he just wants to reduce the number of Republicans in the state. There is a healer who comes thru town periodically, Dr. Trump, and he says he has a cure that takes about 2 ½ months to work and the waiting period will be open to the public beginning again on November 5th. I’m pretty sure he has the cure, and if he doesn’t, I’m doomed.

Small worms cause hemorrhoids and wormwood herb gets rid of them.

Interestingly, you start wormwood on or a few days prior to a full moon when worms become most active.

All animals and fish have worms and parasites. How arrogant and stupid some homans are who claim they have no worms or parasites (because they shower every morning or wash their hands X number of times a day.)