New Film “The Rise of Jordan Peterson is Drawing Death Threats

Free speech is under fire again with a new film that was set to air in a few places about Jordan Peterson. It is truth that the leftist idiots are most afraid of when they protest something as harmless as a film about a man who speaks it! So they threaten violence for anyone who dares shows this film.

Now, a fair documentary about a member of the Intellectual Dark Web is under a similar attack.

The Rise of Jordan Peterson” examines how the lanky professor became an intellectual superstar. Peterson has his enemies, no doubt. He refuses to think it’s the government’s job to force people to use preferred pronouns, drawing the ire of the LGBTQ community.

“Rise” doesn’t glorify its subject. Sure, it shows empathy for his ascent, revealing tender moments with members of his family. The film also captures him doubting his own wisdom, worrying that his advice will inflame the already hot left/right divide.

In short, it’s neither a hit piece nor propaganda.