New Fhantom Eye--Built by Boeing--Powered by Ford

This all new unmanned drone has incredible capability. It currently can stay aloft for 4 days but soon will soon stay up 10 days. While designed as a surveillance platform, it carries a 5 ton payload that includes Hellfire missiles. Flying at 65,000 feet, it is just about out of range of missiles.

Boeing’s New Spy Plane General Characteristics:

Wingspan :

150 ft. (46 m)

Takeoff gross weight :

9,800 lbs. (4,445 kg)

Cruise speed :

150 kts.

Maximum speed :

200 kts.

Altitude :

65,000 ft.

Engines :

(2) 2.3L 150 horsepower

Endurance :

4 days at 65,000 ft.

Let that sink in -

Wingspan equal to the width of a good size building lot.

It’s relatively light (at 5 ton), slow, flies at twice the altitude of commercial transport.

It’s powered by 2 truck engines burning hydrogen and stays aloft for 4 days.

Now take a look:
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