New Evidence Emerges That Rep. Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother and is Using a Fake Name

Some one came up with a past tweet of Omar proving that her current name is fake and that she committed fraud by marrying her Brother!

I snap shot the original tweet as it was taken down today!

US Citizenship and Immigration Services has been letting in fakes and frauds for decades, but Omar seems to have set a personal goal of breaking all possible immigration rules.

Couldn’t she just say that she was wishing a Happy Fathers Day to her father in law?

The main problem is not Omar, the main problem is that the government does absolutely nothing once the facts come out. Not even an investigation. It’s like they are hiding under the table because they don’t want to be forced to be mean to a brown woman. This is what’s breaking our society apart. Justice served based on skin color and positions of power, or political affiliation.

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Well, what is the source of that fear? Where would the blowback come from if government were to act to prosecute her? Media? The ACLU? Elected People who are afraid it would have an adverse effect on their careers?

This woman is a living mockery of Islamic laws. I’m surprised there’s no fatwa declared on her.


What I want to know is who else besides the media is looking into this?

Whats the problem here???

  1. She’s a democrat so it’s ok.
  2. She’s a progressive so it’s really ok.
  3. She’s a muslim so it’s really ok.
  4. She’s the darling of the media so it’s really ok.

The dual justice system on full display.

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That’s what bugging me about this whole thing. After a while this is just going to disappear, there won’t be any investigation, and she will still be in her position hating America.

I have got to believe immigration investigators are all over this. Our system can’t be that broken. If this is true, she would have obtained her permanent residency fraudulently, and subsequently her naturalization would have been obtained fraudulently. If fraud is proven for her naturalization, it is one of the very few grounds for denaturalization, ie. loss of US Citizenship.

Of course it will disappear, this is the dual justice system

Just like Hilo’s server, her commissioning of the dossier by a foreign agent. Just like many so other problems with government officials.

You believe incorrectly. It will go no where.

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She’s a part of the permanent ruling class which means the rules no longer apply to her.

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That’s because she is constantly practicing taqiyya. No penalty is needed because that is a fundamental part of being a good jihadi.

She needs to be recalled, prosecuted, and deported.

Her husband is trying to divorce her so he can stay and appear to be a victim. Their entire family knew. They all need to go.

What else is new coming from the Marxists? They all lie like a rug!:rofl: