New CA Law Prohibiting Showering & Doing Laundry on Same Day

What’s next?

The total collapse of our degenerate society and a never-ending all out war between the races. This ride never ends!

Honk! Honk!

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California has a number of laws that seem over the top:
SB 946 The Illegal Alien Statewide Street Vendor Protection Act
AB 216 The Illegal Alien Voter-Fraud Enablement Act
SB 826 Ceiling Affirmative Action Act
SB 179 The Gender X Confusion Act

The list is endless.

How would they know you did laundry and took a shower on the same day unless you called the cops and told them? This is a stupid law and no one will follow it.

A water meter will be installed and if you exceed your daily limits? Your water supply will be shut off.

There will be “smart” meters and then the fines will pile up.
Unless you claim some sort of compulsive disorder like constantly washing hands and body because of germaphobia.
You will be then excluded from the fines.
Problem solved.
Or you could claim your pets as people too. They have feelings too you know.
Plus the poor blades of grass in the yard need to live also. Each blade gets 50+ gallons also cause we are eco friendly.

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