"Never Relax! Sweet Mag Dump!

Sorry for the weird video format, but this came to me from a LEO friend of mine.

Some really bad police procedures going on here.

Some one took the room temperature challenge. As the saying goes, “never relax!”

23 prior felony arrests for this a$$hole!!! That is what happens when you have Liberal prosecutors and judges.

At least his criminal career is over.


Why the police so stupid?

The police are not your friends. They’re a corrupt, violent, occupying force that exists to uphold the state and the status quo. They will lie to you, beat you, and kill you if they think it will help them keep their jobs. They are not to be trusted. If you see a cop, cross the street. If you’re stopped by a cop, be respectful but keep your hands visible and don’t try to run away. And whatever you do, don’t give them any reason to arrest you - because once you’re in their system, it’s very hard to get out.

Back the Blue!



Nice concord in your avatar! (Sorry I love airplanes)

Sound advice, but not all cops are like what you describe. In the city its hard to tell who is with you and who isn’t. Its the Sheriffs that I would be willing to trust and back most. Essentially the Sheriff is the last line of defense when it comes to defending your rights and backing the constitution. They are separate then the municipal police officer from a major city to which I would agree with you. (The System)


They were not displaying or lest we say a proper protocol for being vigilant and being situational prepared. These officers were out of place in terms of strategy, and total lack of professionalism. For example, the one officer is just casually standing there chewing the fat as if the suspect is his best friend while the other officer who opens the car door casually while ignoring the possible threats shows poor safety techniques. If these officers were under my command, I would seriously give these officers a reprimand they would never forget. What this suggest to me is that these police officers are poorly trained and is a reflection of their weak leadership. Many police agencies around the country better start waking the fuck up, there has been a war against the police as many brazen acts like these is becoming all too common.

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Yet they are the ones YOU call when trouble hits home !