Neocons want WWIII. Why? What they can't conquer, they want to destroy

It’s the same idea as the “Samson Option.” (If Israel faces a defeat, it will nuke the whole world, especially Christian countries)

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The real executive branch: Neocon Zionists




Dr Henry Makow is a Jooish Canandian researcher and exposed the truth about feminism and its satanic origin.
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Great article on how the West may no longer be threatened by the use of nukes by Russia.

Japanese are to blame (if not entirely, but mostly) for this situation because for the last 80 years or so, they have been repeating the mantra “We are against the use of nukes,” “Nukes kill” or something asinine like that, instead deep-diving and exposing Who invented the nukes, Who financed these weapons, and Who wanted to use them.

(We know the answer but the Japanese, who have been nuked three times at Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima by the same people, are too scared to say it)

Of course they are too scared to say it. That is what conquered nations do. France is another even though their weasel prime minister likes to jet around the world and talk a good game, but when the going gets tough France like before will fold up like a cheap lawn chair. Japan however still has a lot going for it to at least influence the debate on Nukes, but their current prime minister Kishida has attended WEF conferences in the past and thus is highly suspect to have such courage to talk about it.

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The Japanese are not good at debating anything.
They like cookie-cutter statements.

Germans were also developing the bomb during WWII, but the artist from Austria did not authorize its use in Europe.

On the other hand, the neocons are itching to use the bomb on Russia and Ukraine, because they really don’t care about the lives of these Slavs. The only reason Israel hasn’t used the bomb is Israel’s proximity to major Arab cities such as Damascus, Amman and Cairo. Needless to say, Israel doesn’t care about Arab lives either.

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I think it a little more nuanced than nuking some slavs but essentially mutual assured destruction. Who are the Neocons and what is the name of their country club?

Moneyed Zionists (and their non-Jooish flunkeys).

King David something or rather?

I never went inside but everyone knows where it is.

Dirty bombs, depleted uranium, bombing of the Zaporozhe nuke plant will be equally bad.

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That is what worries me the most and the Russians are aware of this potential problem which is why prosecuting this war now better than later might be a crucial decision to ending this ASAP!

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Yes, Putin and his inner circle are fully aware of the danger. They have been fooled by the west, so they cannot trust the west. At the same time, they cannot go the whole hog against the west either, which some Wagnerians want.

I didn’t realize it myself but when a nuke plant goes kaboom, it’s not the distance that matters. You could be living two streets from the nuke plant and nothing will happen to you and your home as long as it’s upwind from the plant. At the same time, your town or village could be hundreds of miles from the plant but you need to evacuate immediately if it’s downwind. It’s the radioactive dust that does the damage.

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Chernobyl all over again.