Neither Bernie Nor Biden Will Make It

This opinion piece appears to cover the bases regarding why neither one of these old men will make it to the November 2020 ballot. The Democrat Party is really not THAT stupid.

If they get a brokered convention then the Democrats will end up with either Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama. You saw it here first.

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I think Hillary is planning on being able to get the nomination without exerting much effort.

She either will be the candidate for President or the running mate of whoever becomes the candidate.

I hope it’s Hillary again. Trump beat her once and he will do it again. Plus, we won’t need to remake any memes we can just all reuse the ones from 2016 because they were so effective.


Can you imagine anything more terrifying than having Hillary as your VP?

You’d know you were marked for death.

Keep in mind, if we have a brokered convention Bloomers is committed to spending up to 5 billion to buy the presidency.

It only takes 1991 votes on the first ballot for a winner, it gets pretty complicated with successive ballots but still, he’s got the cash to pay them all off.

Completely fabricated BS. That’s a complete lie.

It’s the absolute truth. I was only wrong on one part, he was committed early on to spending 10bn.

Its so cute to see TWR using Trumpish nicknames for the candidates. Such a good little Trump warrior.

I am sure Trump Is proud of his army of sycophants all clamoring for a quick tummy rub.

You do understand that the New Yorker article is satire, right?

The article starting this thread illuminates the liberals’ dilemma, but it incorrectly assumes that they are smart enough to reconcile their irreconcilable differences. Bernie exemplifies the faction that is tired of hiding and wants to just admit where they intend to go. Biden exemplifies the faction that thinks they can continue subsisting on propaganda and smears and lying weasels.

There’s no magic bullet, sorry libs. My money says that they settle on Biden, they still haven’t gotten the message of 2016. It will be running out of steam rather than a spectacular train wreck. That’s their two choices. A brokered convention would be the most entertaining shitshow, but I don’t think that they could ever agree on the perfect shit sandwich.

Not exactly and it’s his personality that made him inviable as a candidate.



If Joe becomes the nominee Trump will absolutely destroy him as his mental decline become more and more pronounced.

If Joe is the best they have to offer us as a candidate they don’t deserve to ever win another election.


Correct. The Deomcraps have little chance!

“Joe Biden has been victimized by the truth!”


Well the plan is to have a black women as VP and either Harris or Mike Obama and all of the Oprah groupies will vote the ticket , we know the black panthers will be hovering every poll site like they did for Obama , clubs in hand . :grimacing:

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AMEN! The Democraps have already lost!

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