NC Republicans Take Advantage of 9/11 to Override Governor's Veto

Republicans promised no votes would be taken while Democrat lawmakers attended the 9/11 ceremony, and what did they do? They over rode the governor’s veto since the Democrats weren’t present. It doesn’t get anymore clear what Republicans are about than this.

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Sounds pretty typical to me honestly. So I don’t think I’d say it’s a “new” low.

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Agreed, it’s just business as usual. Not shocking any longer.

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That is rich! You think Democrats haven’t done the same thing! It’s called getting a taste of your own medicine, except you guys start balling your eyes out when Republicans do it! Can’t make this shit up! If Democrats were actually a party that practiced ethical standards then maybe they might have a leg to stand on, but at this point all you guys are doing is crying wolf! You have done it enough times already that it really doesn’t matter anymore what they complain about! That well is done dried up! Time for a new trick, as you might have better luck with a cheap Las Vegas whore! Ask Harry Reid! :rofl:

Joe Biden thinks he can work with these monsters.

Never. Trust. Republicans.

It’s definitely a shitbag thing to do and indicative of a severe dysfunction within the system.

Framing as a way to slam Biden is just not cricket in my mind because the obvious intent in Biden’s words is to bring about more respect and comity where things like this don’t occur.

I can’t envision a future where we remain forever a country consumed by tribalism and what Biden is offering is akin to an amnesty to the voters who took a chance on Trump because they could not pull the lever for Hillary and now have regrets.

He’s not my first choice but I think his approach is commendable in not vilifying all Republicans.

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Good! Screw the DNC. They are the enemy.

If true, and it appears to be, it undermines rights & freedoms. Always a bad thing ultimately.

Alls fair in love and war… and politics. Good on the NC Republicans.:laughing:

True to form the GOP came to work ready to do the peoples bidding and the Democrats took the day off .

What a disgusting and disgraceful comment, on par with the behavior of the NC GOP. Thank you for demonstrating to everyone that Republicans hate their fellow Americans.

I don’t hate any American that is the purview of the resisters never Trump people.
It’s definitely a shitbag thing to do and indicative of a severe dysfunction within the system.
Joe Biden thinks he can work with these monsters.Never. Trust. Republicans.

That is as ridiculous as saying Democrats hate children because they believe women have a right to choose abortion.