NBA Coach Steve Kerr Outs Himself as Being Anti American!

When I saw this tweet I nearly spit up my coffee at the shear ignorance on display. Steve Kerr using a false equivalency to deflect from human rights abuses in China by using the Gun issue is indicative of what a cultural Marxist would say. Holy ju ju beans, I didn’t know someone in such a high profile position would be stupid enough to not only out his political loyalties as being anti American, but would expose his ignorance by using such asinine analogies!

I personally don’t even like rifles, but these dipshits make me want to own a closet full of ARs. You never know when those squirrels might decide to attack.

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It’s good to see Steve Kerr welcoming our new Chinese overlords. Criticizing US gun laws in hopes of removing opposition to tyrannical government overreach is always good, and the Chinese provide great examples of how to implement heavy handed actions against freedom seeking citizens.

China…No guns, no criticism.

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I just couldn’t believe that he came out and said that! I can not imagine how this is going to be good for the PR image going forward!

You are absolutely right on all accounts! We are in the process in decoupling with Chia and it can’t happen soon enough! There was a guy who was employed by Marriot who tweeted a criticism about Tibet! He subsequently got fired due to offending some board of director members with his tweet! China has no business dictating to the US citizens about silencing free speech! People like Steve Kerr sucking China’s little wee wee is disgraceful in itself, but sell your own country out in the process? He is going to regret ever making the statement!

Screw this social justice asswipe! NBA fans are the one’s who misuse firearms the most, and they can’t shoot worth a damn!

Leftists speak truth to power…except when confronting regimes which turn people into involuntary organ donors. Nice.

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The NBA is digging itself it’s own grave as they continue picking sides in politics and money where it benefits them and pisses everyone else off.

The entire organization is constantly talking about nonsensical issues like the bathroom bill and picking sides, which are almost always left-wing positions.

And people like Kerr are one of many reasons why the Second Amendment is important for patriotic Americans.

But appeasing to a genocidal authoritarian China is preferable for money, only money.

They are truly "pathetic cowards and Kerr is the worst among them. He’s a Grade A piece of trash.

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Very well stated! I couldn’t articulate it better as you echo my exact sentiments! Thanks!

We need to move the NBA to China and so they can see how much free speech and freedom they have there.

Fucking Chinese Commie butt boy. I never ever heard of this commie slave slime ever until this whole thing started. I hope he’s got a nest egg because the NBA is history and so is he.


The US certainly has a history of its own of human rights abuses, but that’s on a government level. Not individuals with AR15’s. That’s stupid.

And then we have this nonsense! Seriously folks, the leftist idiocy on full display! What the fuck does this even mean? Double speak in the name of protecting their Chinese masters?

Wow! Just Wow!

Well after James’s comments this started happening!