Navy Secretary Fired Over Handling of Eddie Gallagher Case

Its the little details that hardly gets noticed but awhile ago I posted a thread about how corrupt the military justice and command system is and today Trump made the right move by removing the Navy secretary from his position. Some who have been following the case of Eddie Galligher know of the absurd charges leveled against him, and now has been restored to his previous rank!

More on this story from different sources.


Anyone who has spent any time in the military knows that Richard Spencer was looking to get publicly fired. This was nothing but him jockeying for his next career move and using the career of a brave warrior to do it.

I hate Pentagon staff pukes because they all act just like this. Fucking cowards who would crush an enlisted man if it got them a free lunch.


Its the same with over zealous prosecutors and I hate them the same, I had to deal with a few of them earlier in my career and have nothing but contempt for the Andrew Weismann’s of the world!


This is an example of why Trump was right when he said that this country needs more Generals like General Patton. Chief Gallagher killed bad guys and he liked doing it. That’s what we want our Navy Seals to do. The people trying to oust him are cowards and they are sending a message that killing the enemy will get you in a world of trouble. Crazy!

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It was good to see some some positive movement on this. How does one get to be Navy Secretary and have such disregard for the men and women that do the ACTUAL dangerous work?


In the end Navy Secretary Richard Spencer was not fired for standing up for military justice but for dishonesty and undermining the military justice system, according to a senior US official. He was fired for “lack of candor.”

Official: Esper then decided that given all of the messy issues surrounding Chief Eddie Gallagher’s case that it would be impossible for him to get a fair hearing from military so he has decided to allow him to keep his Trident and retire at current rank from Navy.

I am told by Navy source that they “can’t see a world where they go forward” with the other 3 SEALs peer review board hearing. “We need to move on.”

There is lots here to discuss, but for me the above excerpt from the article is the bottom line.

I cannot help but think how this boosts the morale of the military knowing their CIC has their back. It is about time.

All of these career bureaucrats seem to think they are running the country and if they don’t like what the President does they can just circumvent him. Damn good on Trump for showing what “checking your privilege” actually means.


The pos wasn’t just accused of his crime, he was convicted in trial. Bone spur Trump knows nothing about the UCMJ or really anything at all about the military.

Nobody wants to see a Navy Seal disgraced for being mean to bad guys. It makes America’s most elite fighting force look like a bunch of pussies. Trump did the right thing on this one and the public supports him.


Apparently you don’t either. It’s the UCMJ, otherwise known as the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Resignations for this clear act of defiance shows that Trump isn’t vindictive. I personally thought they should have all been sent to a military prison to await trial.

I thought the same thing actually. I figured that their excuse would be that they did not receive any official orders from the White House. That would fall right on its face because of the concept of commander’s intent. Trump expressed his intent as the commander-in-chief over Twitter. While that may not be the most conventional way of disseminating guidance, the commander-in-chief can choose to disseminate guidance in any way that is most convenient to him. It’s the duty and responsibility of his subordinates to stay informed and to monitor all signals. They chose to ignore the intent of their commander-in-chief.

Convicted of what? Posing for a picture next to a dead ISIS fighter? Whoever even prosecuted him for that should be fired, that’s a ridiculous thing to prosecute. Calling him a pos for it is just cowardly swagger by an armchair liberal general.


Most likely staff pukes who never served any time in combat. They always like to judge and pontificate about how things should be done on the battlefield, but yet have never stepped foot on one. The only reason that they get to wear any stars is because of their ability to kiss and insane amount of ass. Or, like during the Obama administration, they got promoted because they would be a first something (i.e., first Asian and Pacific islander lesbian female Commanding General of X).

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It is what they’ve been trained to do. They are not there to mess around. Now granted if one likes killing and goes beyond the pale that is an entirely different matter.

Don’t train them, tie their hands behind their backs and prosecute them for doing their job or for what they they are trained to do because it looks good to the leftie base.


Agreed. Is Vindman shaking in his boots yet?

I’m not a General, nor is Trump. He chickened out of service on BONE SPURS…:man_shrugging:

Nevertheless, it violates code…

Obama and Clinton had zero military service, did that disqualify them from being Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces?

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Many wanted to serve but could not because they were flat footed. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Yet, they were disqualified for a reason. You cannot march and carry equipment as is required if you are flat footed.

Bone spurs are even worse. Want to drag a team down? Either will do it.

No one should put their fellow soldiers on the line if they don’t pass the requirements.

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