Navy Pilots Describe Strange Encounters with UFO’s

Interesting article about Navy Pilots describing things they have seen but couldn’t explain, like UFO’s!

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I’m OK with ETs, as long as they stay out of my garden.

Who knows what’s already here, or may have been here for 1,000s ( 100s of thousands
) of years. We are really arrogant little shits.


There could be aliens in flying vehicles. But it’s more likely manned or unmanned vehicles that that pilots are not cleared to know about. They are just pilots… people with very very cool jobs but overall not very high in the food chain of special programs funded by special organizations.

They’re here!!! UFO’s from races vastly more intelligent than us (not hard), and probalby robotic equivalents rather than the orignal life forms. Think how far our tech has come in 100 years, think of an intelligent lifeform that started 100 million years ago, then it makes sense.

The modern UFO phenomenon goes back to world war II with Foo fighters and cigar shapes in Sweden they drain lakes to find massive UFOs that disappeared into the water post world war II a Greek financial minister said that UFOs were aliens in contact with the US government one time I can’t remember the exact datea US President give a speech saying that UFOs were not real and not a threat to America that same night orbs went around the White House

Looking into the incident that happened in Belgium in the 90s if that was not an alien spacecraft I don’t know what is either way they are not a threat to us at this moment in time because if they wanted to they could destroy us God just has a bigger playground than the planet earth

I think they are here and have always been here. They come and go as they please. There is nothing anyone can do to stop them.

I also think that they have been crossbreeding with humans but that’s another thread.

Government acknowledgement is long over due.

Maybe if we tried intergalactic communism we could solve this problem if only we stolen enough people’s homes and businesses then maybe just maybe we could stop the aliens from sodomising drunken rednecks that’s how you do troll fishing

Now all I do is wait for the pussy communists and rednecks that was sodomised by aliens