Nationwide ICE Raids Yield Just 35 Arrests

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) targeted more than 2,000 illegal immigrants in raids across the country last week but arrested only 35 people, according to data obtained by the New York Times.

President Trump touted Operation Border Resolve, which targeted 2,105 people living in more than a dozen cities, in the days leading up to its execution, apparently prompting many of the migrants targeted in the raids to flee their homes.

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Finally we have our country back!

Damn that Trump! Why didn’t he deport 1 million people in 1 day like he promised!

Yeah, never mind the sarcastic comments. They obviously can’t do math, otherwise they’d realize that 35 arrests every weekend is 1,820 per year!

With at least 20 million illegals, Trump will have them all rounded up in just 10,989 years! MIGA!


But consider the trend line … from 0 arrests to 35 in a single week!

We’ll have to wait for next weekend’s massive number to be tallied, but I fully expect your hyper-pessimistic estimate will be revised to under 1,000 years. Easily.

Well they were saying it would be 2,000. 35 is the majority, like 95%.

Well that certainly isn’t true. I saw the ICE numbers flashed across the screen earlier today and the total is somewhere in excess of 700 if I remember right.

The NYT is lying to you.

There hasn’t been a week since ICE’s inception with zero arrests.

Why lie?

This was the national review…

Wasn’t the original announcement that Trump gave in regard to this about deporting 200,000?

I may have the specific number wrong…

The original source is an article in the NYT’s.