National Parks and National Forests no longer safe?

Strange (and dangerous) animals are roaming the National Parks and National Forests in the US. You shouldn’t go there alone. Such animals have also been sighted outside the US, Canada, and Latin America.

Some of them may have always existed, but some appear to have been created recently in the secret Deep State labs through gene manipulation and mixing resulting in chimeras.

There will be more SkinWalkers and other demons coming out of the Earth. This is talked about in Revelations. So nowhere is safe. Carry, always pack some heat if you are venturing in the remote areas.

Maybe fake, maybe real. I don’t know.

Said to have a wolf-like head and red eyes, with the torso of a gorilla with long arms and very sharp claws. Can walk on four and two. Leaves footmarks of a very large canine.

And smells extremely bad.

Skin Walker, by definition these types have been reported before for many years, especially NA’s Hopi, Navjo, Sioux

Yep, Navajos are big on skin walkers.

They always move at night!

Many have gone insane because of what they see and no one believes them.

The Hopi kachina called “mudhead” looks suspiciously like an alien wearing a helmet.


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