Nation Celebrates Full Week of Trump Not Talking

As the failed one-term Trump presidency goes out with a whimper…Americans all across our great land are celebrating the fact that Trump has finally SHUT THE HELL UP!

It’s only a matter of time before this orange lunatic fades into the background and his cult vanishes into thin air…we know how much they hate losers :rofl:

The United States is celebrating a full week of Donald J. Trump not talking, Americans have confirmed.

From coast to coast, Americans are savoring their freedom from Trump’s utterances for the first time since 2015.

“As much as I wanted Trump to lose, I had no idea that losing would make him stop talking,” Carol Foyler, who lives in Pittsburgh, said. “I feel like I’ve won the lottery.” :joy:

He will be talking today at the Million MAGA March. I hope you watch it and cry.

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Where is Joe Biden at? I heard he was going to his mansion on the beach to take a rest after committing the largest voter fraud operation in the history of the US.

Do you know if Natalie Biden is still giving Hunter Biden footjobs?

America wants to know.

Sounds like you little bitches are scared…same for the foreigners you had illegally voting in our election

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Seriously, he hasn’t been seen since Wednesday. Shouldn’t he be going on all the dumbass late-night shows and gloating about his alleged victory? I wonder why he is being so elusive…

Biden is too busy fiddling with little children while his son Hunter is smoking crack.

Chances are Joe Biden has no idea where he even is right now.

Imagine how easy it would be for the right to win any battle.

Just show any form of strength and organization and the left runs away in fear.

When the right gets it’s shit together and starts putting up a resistance, this leftist crap is going to disappear overnight.

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You’re so far out there ,you’re looking back at pluto.

I once thought that there was about a 20 percent chance that President Trump’s appeals might succeed, meaning that he would be sworn in, next January, for a second term.

Then, it seemed more like a 10 percent chance.

Now, it seems like a five percent chance–and continually diminishing.

But for supporters of Joe Biden–actually, I should probably rephrase that, since he has so few–for haters of Donald Trump to dance upon his (metaphorical) grave does appear quite unseemly–to say the least.

A sore loser is quite awful. But the one thing that is worse, even, than a sore loser, is a sore winner.

Trump has been the GREATEST PRESIDENT this side of Reagan.The Democraps couldn’t defeat him in a FAIR election , now we have legal ballots that count without a signature ,sinatures that don’t match or can be mailed in anytime. Don’t forget we harvest crops , not ballots.
President wanted a FAIR election.not a FRAUD election.


Joe’s in his basement as usual. The new remote WH should he win.

The states control the election and process not the Federal Government.

The states decide not to assist in investigating voter fraud it doesn’t happen.The state doesn’t count ballots, it doesn’t happen.

What libs do not understand is why people like me and all my friends love Trump. He makes us feel like no president ever has. We love him and what he stands for. For the longest time, we as Republicans waited for someone to come along who was our version of Obama (not like Obama but that powerful of a personality). Trump ignites us like Obama did his supporters.

Libs will never understand that.

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I think they do understand that…and it terrifies them.

Amazing Demomarxists hypocrisy. Biden as a sitting VP THREATENS Ukrainian President to callof the BLOODHOUND investigating his soon or won’t receive money, is shown on video tape BRAGGING about it and the DEMOMARXISTS say there’s no Quid Pro Quo.
Then it becomes worse when obviously SUB- RETARD voters vote for this IDIOT over Trump.
An obvious sign of MSM Dementia with voters.