Nasa astronaut drops mirror into space during spacewalk

“Mission Control said the mirror somehow became detached from Cassidy’s spacesuit. The lost item posed no risk to either the spacewalk or the station, NASA said.”

‘spacewalk’ - how very ‘Dan Dare’’? :roll_eyes: How can any sentient adult with an IQ of over 24 fall for this childlike crap? Still, it’s nice to know the mirror will ‘pose no risk to the station or in the wider vastness of the universe’?

No risk?
On the contrary. It can cause a space war. Star Wars, that is.

If I remember, one of these was “Lost In Space” About $50,000. Hasselblad
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What the fuck???

I think Jimsouth might have been ‘on something’ when he posted that Didge? :sweat_smile:

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