Nancy Pelosi Stalls the Senate Bill

The Bitch of the House, Nancy Pelousy has stalled the Senate bill that would send checks to American citizens by expressing her “wish list” (an indication that the bill would not pass in the House without her wishes being included).

On her list was a provision to payoff up to $10,000 in student loan debt for those who have them.

What does student loan debt have to do with the virus and laid off employees?

Nancy is a total piece of shit!


This is pretty outrageous! When the NY Times calls out Democrats you know this will hang the Democrats like a mill stone around their necks!

Cocaine Mitch is pissed!

When do we get our wishlist granted by getting her old ass out of Congress.She should choke on the word of obstruction . I didn’t know her broom could fly that far!!!


She is truly the Bitch of the House. As Speaker of the House, she fails miserably. As the Bitch of the House, she has no equal!

Screw you, Nancy Pelosi! Screw you and all of your useful idiots that follow your lead. You are a despicable, worthless BITCH!


America should be shoulder to shoulder; but there is always that fly in the ointment. Pelosi is one weird monkey; and she temps fate with her senile power struggle. KARMA will step in; mark my words. The only accessory missing is the drool cup strapped under her chin.

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Once again the demoRATS are more worried about illegals and welfare cheats and very little for those that work and PAY TAXES . They don’t like the you must have a SS number and must have earned a the very least $1 . They want food stamps on steroids and deadbeats and welfare cheats along with illegals getting the major of taxpayer dollars . Dems will add so much pork to this package it may kill every Muslim alive today !!

Its way past time for BOTH SIDES to work together and do their DAMN job!!! Let them face the voters to explain the pettiness of their failing to have legislation passed that the Dems co wrote!!!

They were doing just that until Pelosi stepped in.

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I think that is becoming apparent.

You don’t play games at a time like this. The markets are down, people are looking for a means to pay for food and a roof over their head because they are unemployed and don’t know when they will be employed again.

She isn’t suffering and has lost complete touch with what that means. For her, this is nothing more than an opportunity leverage the suffering of others at a time when bipartisanship should be embraced.

She is absolutely shameful.

I’m so sick of demoRATS putting their liberal agenda ahead of our national interest . Killing babies at 8 months and Plan parenthood getting MORE cash to sell parts has zero to do with our economy and getting taxpayers relief . Dems love to add to their slush fund .

It is what they do. That has become obvious and that is what will (eventually/hopefully) destroy them.

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Let’s not forget what the Majority Whip said in a call last week: “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision,” James Clyburn (D-S.C.) told lawmakers.


She has also wanted oppressive ObamaCare provisions for the uninsured, and provisions to protect individuals from eviction, foreclosure, or forbearance. The wording could suggest permanency. A few weeks ago, she insisted on funding for Planned Parenthood.

The Marxist Speaker has recessed the House so the GOP has to agree to her bill. She will not agree to anything but a bad deal that hurts the President.

We are the collateral damage:

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Replying to @guypbenson

.Never forget #Pelosi said this

“If there is collateral damage for those that do not share our view, than so be it.”
~Nancy Pelosi SOTH

America., make no mistake…
WE are that #collateraldamage.

As Pelosi has been quoted saying, she has the GOP “over a barrel.”

It isn’t the GOP. It is the American people. I wonder why she can’t understand the difference.

“If there is collateral damage for those that do not share our view, than so be it.”

A small amount of people share her view. It is a sad state of affair that she has the power she does at a time like this.

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NANCY PELOSI is a goddamned bitch! She has no interest in anything other than opposing whatever President Trump tries to accomplish.

She is systematically destroying the chances of a Democrat Party victory in November.

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I honestly think if we’d found a cure and it needed to be funded? She’d do the same thing she’s doing right now.

Of course she would. As I said…

NANCY PELOSI is a goddamned bitch!

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Pelosi and Schumer will pay a huge price for this come November.


I honestly think you’re being too kind. :wink:

She’s absolutely corrupt and evil down to every cell that lives the shell she calls a body.